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Daniel: "Heh... I never thought I'd be getting headshrunk on my own couch by a hot killer ninja."
Hannah: "Assassins aren't ninjas, dumb-ass. And I've never killed anyone in my life. I work with computers mainly."
―Daniel and Hannah about her affiliations to the Assassins.[src]

Hannah Mueller was a member of the Assassin Order during the late 20th century and early 21th century, located in an Assassin compound near Philadelphia.

Originally working primarily with computers for the Assassins, she found the mysterious Daniel Cross, a drug addict and ex-convict who was believed to be an Assassin, drunk in a local bar one night in 1998, believing him to be an Assassin too. After having introduced him to the Order, she sympathized with him and became his companion, supporting him during his quest to gain support of the Order and to meet the Mentor.


Early life

"I was born into this."
―Hannah about her Assassin affiliations.[src]

Hannah Mueller was born into the Order, and trained to become one from an early age. In the modern age, the Assassins no longer focused directly on assassinations, and as such, by her late 20s was yet to kill someone, and instead worked mainly with computers.[1]

Finding Daniel Cross

Daniel: "Where are we? Is this your place? Did we... ?"
Hannah: "Uhh, no. Gross. No, we brought you here because you were drunk and out of control. And there are some serious questions we need to ask you."
―Daniel and Hannah talking about why he was brought to the camp.[src]

In 1998, while going out in a Philadelphia bar, she noticed a drunkard muttering strange words, and Hannah believed him to be an Assassin too. Following him, Hannah saw Daniel - suffering from the bleeding effect - label another man as a Templar and ready a knife to kill him. She intervened and put him in the backseat of her car. While driving to her Assassin camp, she revealed to him that he was an Assassin.[2]

Daniel awake

Hannah with Daniel in her cabin.

The following morning, she woke him up after he had fallen asleep in her cabin, and told him that they could not find his name listed on any of the Assassin camps, while Daniel had no idea what she was talking about. She took him to meet the camp's director Paul Bellamy, who discovered the Assassin tattoo on his arm. While there, Daniel experienced the bleeding effect once again. Hannah asked what language he was speaking, Bellamy replied that he was speaking Russian, and had mentioned something about Tunguska.[1]

Later that day, Hannah entered Daniel's cabin and found him stressed, expressing his concerns about himself to her and that he wanted to go get his medication from his apartment. Hannah reluctantly gave in to his request and gave him a white hoodie to blend in with the Assassins. They then departed from the camp, and made their way to Daniel's apartment.[1]

File:ACTF 2 Legion CPS 026.jpg

As Hannah was complaining about Daniel's filthy apartment, Daniel searched through his cupboards looking for his medication. After he found that there was none left, Hannah tried to comfort him by saying that the Assassins could help him if he let them, and told him about her history with the Assassins, and that their Mentor intended for "their guy" to win that year's presidential election. Daniel noted that he kept seeing a strangely shaped object during his "visions", which he then drew on the mirror.

Hannah quickly realized what it was. Around that time, Bellamy burst into the apartment, telling them that he had called Bill Miles, who had come to the conclusion that Daniel was the descendant of Nikolai Orelov, a Russian Assassin who was involved in the Tunguska explosion. Daniel experienced another memory of Nikolai through the bleeding effect, while simultaneously running away from Hannah and Bellamy. They chased Daniel until he finally collapsed on the roof of the building. Holding Daniel in her arms, he said that he had found his purpose; he had to find the Mentor.[1]

Supporting Daniel's quest

"I believe in you, Daniel. We all believe in you."
―Hannah talking about Daniel's quest.[src]
Hannah Daniel meet

Hannah with Daniel while attending a meeting.

Over the next two years, Daniel visited all Assassin camps in the world trying to convince the Assassins of his usefulness to the Mentor and asking for their support and guidance. Along the way, Hannah was by his side, supporting him, until he was abducted one night by disguised Assassins.[3]

Some time afterwards, Hannah had returned to her camp. Suddenly, Bellamy revealed that Daniel had killed the Mentor and knew the location of all Assassin camps, pointing out that they were in danger and had to abandon the camp. Hannah simply stood still looking at Bellamy, not able to believe what Daniel had done.[3]

Characteristics and personality

"You may not love the way things are, but at least we got here through free will. The Templar way would have been less... democratic."
―Hannah's view on the Assassins.[src]

Hannah handing Daniel an Assassin jacket.

Hannah was warmhearted and loyal, fully believing in the Assassins' cause and showing compassion to those around her. She disliked violence, and as such worked mainly with computers for her Order.[1]

After Hannah brought Daniel to her Assassin compound, she was quick to trust him and believe his good intentions. Hannah was quite quick to let her emotions overrule her, bringing a crying Daniel to his apartment to get his medication, against her orders to stay in the Assassin compound.[1]

She joined Daniel in his journey across the world to visit the Assassin compounds, fully trusting him,[3] despite many Assassin having their doubts about him.[4] Hearing about Daniel's betrayal later left Hannah motionless, overtaken by emotion, while the other Assassins were already evacuating their compound.[3]


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