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Handle with Care was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met Alkibiades at the Akrokorinth, who needed her help to deliver a package to a man named Bardas.


Near the Temple of Aphrodite atop the Akrokorinth, Kassandra found Alkibiades admiring the view, and approached him.

  • Kassandra: Nice view.
  • Alkibiades: It just got a lot nicer. I was hoping to see you again.
  • Kassandra: Alkibiades. What are you doing outside of Athens?
  • Alkibiades: Someone like me is always on the move. I've docked my ship in every "port"!
  • Kassandra: I'm sure you have.
  • Alkibiades: If you're here for more than the view, I have a task for you. It is crucial this package gets to its proper recipient. It's not from me, but a man named Diodoros.

  • Kassandra: I'll help, but it's only that little box?
  • Alkibiades: One should never judge something by its size, you know. A small thing may very well make a huge impact.

  • Kassandra: All right. Who am I giving the package to?
  • Alkibiades: There's a man named Bardas near the Korinthian military fort. He's one of their stronger... assets.
  • Kassandra: And I just tell him it's from you?
  • Alkibiades: No, from Diodoros. Don't forget. Diodoros.

  • Kassandra: You said this package isn't from you. Why do you have it, then?
  • Alkibiades: It simply came into my hands, that's all. Diodoros asked for my help, like I'm asking for yours now.
  • Kassandra: Why can't this Diodoros deliver it himself?
  • Alkibiades: You're a curious one, aren't you? Some questions don't have answers. Sometimes things just... are.

  • Kassandra: You've traveled a lot—where's your favorite place to go?
  • Alkibiades: Oh, a personal question... interesting.
    The world is filled with beautiful places. To pick my favorite would be like picking my favorite hetaera. I could do it, but the answer changes based on my mood.

Kassandra infiltrated the Akrokorinth Fort and entered Bardas' office.

ACOD Handle with Care 02

Kassandra meeting Bardas

  • Bardas: You aren't the misthios I sent for. What do you want?
  • Kassandra: This is for you.
  • Bardas: Give it here.

Kassandra handed over the package and Bardas unwrapped it.

  • Bardas: Is this some kind of joke? This is a cast of someone's dick!
    What's this engraving? "This is for your wife Thelia, for when she starts to miss me."

Enraged, Bardas turned his full attention to Kassandra.

  • Bardas: Tell me now! Who sent this?

  • Kassandra: Do you know a man named Diodoros?
  • Bardas: Diodoros? He'll pay for this with his life! I'll destroy his men. I'll destroy his ship. He'll regret ever touching Thelia!

Kassandra left Bardas enraged at Diodoros.

  • Kassandra: A man named Alkibiades gave it to me.
  • Bardas: Alkibiades? Just because Perikles took him in and he's friends with important people, he thinks he can do whatever he wants. I won't let him get away with this!

Kassandra left Bardas to his indignation at Alkibiades.

  • Kassandra: It's from me, Bardas, can't you tell?
  • Bardas: Do you think this is a joke? You'll pay for that!

Bardas attacked Kassandra, leaving her no choice but to kill him.

  • Kassandra: Someone doesn't have a sense of humor.

Her mission complete, Kassandra returned to Alkibiades at the Temple of Aphrodite to tell him the outcome.

  • Alkibiades: I was just starting to miss you. I hope you delivered the package.

  • Kassandra: Bardas threatened to kill Diodoros when I told him. I also wasn't expecting the package to be... well... that.
  • Alkibiades: It was a nice surprise, wasn't it? I can make another one for you, too, if you'd like.
  • Kassandra: Another one? You—
  • Alkibiades: It was mine, yes. It looked good, didn't it? I needed to get Diodoros out of the way, and now he will be. I impress myself sometimes.
  • Kassandra: Whatever you say.
  • Alkibiades: Why don't we let our bodies do the talking? Surely you had thoughts of it as well when you saw the cast of me...
  • Kassandra: Here? Before the gods?
  • Alkibiades: Let's make an offering.

  • Kassandra: I'd like to see the gods stop us.
  • Alkibiades: I have a feeling they'd prefer to watch.

Alkibiades and Kassandra shared a moment in the temple. Kassandra emerged a while later, followed by Alkibiades.

  • Kassandra: I'd say we gave the gods a good show.
  • Alkibiades: I couldn't agree more. I'd love an encore soon.

Alkibiades left.

  • Kassandra: I'm not interested.
  • Alkibiades: A shame... Aphrodite would have loved it. Maybe another time.

  • Kassandra: I told Bardas that... it came from you.
  • Alkibiades: You did what? I specifically told you to say it was from Diodoros.
    Now I have to come up with another plan. It took me a long time to make that final cast.
  • Kassandra: Wait, so it was yours?
  • Alkibiades: Yes, that impressive specimen was mine. I really wish you hadn't told him that. You can go now. I need to think.

  • Kassandra: I thought I'd make a joke and tell him it was mine, but he didn't laugh.
  • Alkibiades: Why would you do that? Bardas is an angry, emotional man. I hoped to get rid of Diodoros, but now you've ruined that.
  • Kassandra: If you wanted to get rid of Diodoros, then that package wasn't from him after all.
  • Alkibiades: Of course not. It was a perfect plan, but now I have to come up with something else. Don't think I'll ever make a cast for you now.


Alkibiades returned to Athens to hatch more political schemes. In each of these, she would have a knack for showing up at the exact moment he required her skills.


  • The choice here only affects a chance to sleep with Alkibiades. The quest rewards and XP are the same, and telling Bardas the truth does not have a long-term impact on the health and well-being of Alkibiades.


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