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This article is about Rafiq of Tyre. For other uses, see Hamid.

Hamid was a carpet merchant in Tyre and a member of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins, who served as the local Rafiq during the time of the Third Crusade.


In 1190, Hamid was sought out by his fellow Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, having been directed to him by the dancer Fajera, though he cited the silk merchant Rafik, familiar to Hamid as another Assassin. Altaïr, on his quest for the Chalice, requested information on entering the Templar Hospital, where Fajera said held an old man that had been to the Temple of Sand he hoped to access.

Hamid meeting with Altaïr in front of the hospital

The two rendezvoused before the hospital, where Hamid instructed him to target Roland Napule, the doctor in charge of the hospital rumored to perform cruel interrogations. Given that this hospital had recently been reinforced by an upsurge of Crusaders, infiltration would not be easy. Hamid instructed Altaïr to steal the key to a drained fountain from a man who cleaned it at that hour. Through the fountain, he could access the hospital through the sewers.

Though Altaïr followed through with the plan successfully, he failed to evade detection when he entered the facility's subterranean chambers. Nevertheless, he managed to assassinate Roland Napule and with the help of captured old man, recover a second key to the Desert Temple.

Later, after Altaïr returned from the Temple empty-handed, he once again contacted Hamid in the hopes of tracking the Templar leader Basilisk, his only lead to the whereabouts of the Chalice. Meeting him at Tyre's harbor, Hamid informed him that to confront Basilisk he would have to infiltrate the local Templar stronghold with the aid of two Assassins who had since been captured. As this required braving the perilous route along the fortress' great wall above the sea, the rafiq warned him to be cautious.

Altaïr would navigate the wall without injury, freeing the two imprisoned Assassins, who granted him entry into the fortress, and defeating Basilisk to uncover the true location of the Chalice in Jerusalem.


  • The name Hamid is an Arabic name that means "praised", related to the name Muhammad, meaning "praiseworthy." Depending on whether the 'a' or the 'i' is stressed, Hamid can also mean "one who praises (God)."