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Halo of the Huntress was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


With the Oracle of Apollo's prophecy of the Eagle and the Halo of the Huntress ringing in his ears, Bayek sets off on his divine quest into the mountains.


Bayek visited the Oracle of Apollo in the Green Mountains.

  • Bayek: This place, the shrine. It prickles with divine power. The Oracle is drawing me to her, I can feel it.

He looked at the offerings on the ground.

  • Bayek: Offerings and prayers to the Oracle from the great and good of Cyrenaica.

Bayek entered the sanctuary, where he found the oracle.

  • Phoebe: Apollo's lyre, Apollo's song, I speak with the voice of light.

Bayek spoke to Phoebe.

  • Phoebe: I have felt your presence in my visions, Eagle. Apollo spoke of you.
    The King cried when he killed the white hart. For it was the huntress bewitched, pale and beautiful with a halo of gold. Apollo bade Gaea cradle the King's sorrow, a lake of tears above the plains. The sun god drove his fist into the mountain, took his beloved inside and spake. "None shall seek you. None but the Eagle. He will soar above the five cities with the Halo of the Huntress in his beak."
  • Bayek: Why do you call me Eagle?
  • Phoebe: Yours is the sacred relic, Eagle. Find it and expand your riches.

Phoebe left Bayek to muse on her words.

  • Bayek: A lake of tears high in the mountains? Apollo means me to find this Halo of the Huntress.

Bayek sought out the Lake of Tears, finding that the Romans had set up a hunting camp there.

  • Bayek: The lake of tears. What was the next part? The sun god drove his fist into the mountain?

Bayek infiltrated the camp, and after Bayek dispatched the Roman soldiers he found stairs leading down. In the chamber, he noticed a cracked wall.

  • Bayek: Cracks in the rock, something is behind.

He broke through the wall, and behind it he discovered a chamber with a statue of Cyrene. In front of her laid the halo.

  • Bayek: The divine huntress Cyrene, herself.

Bayek then went around the room reading the inscriptions.

  • Bayek: The legend of Cyrene and Apollo.
  • The Birth of Cyrene:
    In the exquisite vales of Pindus a Naiad bore honored Hypseus a daughter of Gaia. And Hypseus raised his fair child Cyrene as she grew into a mighty young woman. She did not care for pacing back and forth at her loom; rather she would arm herself with bronze javelins and a sword. So attired she stalked the hills and killed wild beasts giving peace to her father's livestock.

Bayek moved on to the next one.

  • Bayek: Apollo fell in love with her.
  • Apollo Spies the Huntress:
    So did the god of the wide quiver, Apollo, find her, grappling alone and without spears a dreadful and vicious lion. In an instant he called his guide the centaur Chiron and spake, "Look at the spirit and prodigious strength of this woman. With a fearless heart, she bests the beast; her mind not shaken with the cold wind of fear. Is it lawful for me to cut the honey-sweet grass of her bed?"

The third was the last one.

  • A Divine Providence:
    The Centaur laughed tenderly. "Hidden are the rites of holy love, Phoebus. You came to this mountain to be her husband, and you will bear her over the sea to the choicest garden of Zeus. There will you place a circlet of gold upon her head, and make her the ruler of a city in fair Libya. She will bear your child, honored among his people, they will call him Aristaeus." Having spoken, Cheiron urged the god to fulfill the delightful consummation of his marriage with the fair hunteress Cyrene.
  • Bayek: The girl lion-killer. She sounds strong and brave, reminds me of Aya.

Bayek then approached the statue and crouched to retrieve the Halo of the Huntress.

  • Bayek: A crown? This must be the halo from the prophecy.
    I thank Apollo for this sacred gift.

With the halo in hand, Bayek left the shrine.


Bayek gained the Halo of the Huntress, a crown worn by the huntress Cyrene.


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