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Halius (died 48 BCE) was the elder son of Selene, who lived in Kanopos during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Halius, like his mother and younger brother, Icarius, and many of the residents of Kanopos, idolized Icarus, a famous chariot racer of the Prasina Green. When Icarus died in 48 BCE, memorials were held across the Lageion Hippodrome and the town to commemorate his achievements.[1] To pay their respects, Halius and his family attended one of the memorials held near the town's tavern. During the mourning, they were interrupted by several members of the rival team, Veneta Blue, who jeered at the loss of Icarus. Angered, Halius spat in their faces, leading the Blues to strike Halius down with a sword before fleeing the site, taking a bust of Icarus with them.[2]



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