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Halim speaking with his informant

Halim (died 1511) was a nobleman in the city of Constantinople during the Renaissance.


Some time in 1511, the Ottoman guards managed to arrest more thieves than usual. After some investigating, the thieves found out that someone was placing bribes to the guards, revealing information on the Thieves Guild.[1]

Not long after that, the thieves were approached by an Assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who offered to help them out. One of the thieves explained that a large bribe had just been paid, and that they intended to steal the money. Ezio was then supposed to follow the man that would bring news of the theft to the money's source.[1]

Ezio easily found the man he had to follow, and was led to Halim. Observing the conversation between the two men, Ezio saw how Halim dismissed the other man and started planning his escape from the city. Ezio then hired several thieves to lure Halim out of his high-security area, which allowed him to assassinate the wealthy nobleman.[2]




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