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Entrance to Hades

Hades is the underworld in Greek mythology. It shares its name with its ruler, Hades.

Much like the Egyptian afterlife, Greek afterlife was made up of numerous realms which variously served as the final destination for different adherents depending on how they lived their lives, including Elysium, for those who had been granted immortality by the gods, and Hades, for people destined for the underworld. The prison Tartaros could be found in this place.


During the Peloponnesian War, the misthios Kassandra was accidentally transported to a simulated depiction of Hades, after being tossed through a cavern by Persephone.[1] After defeating Cerberos, who served as the realm's guardian, Kassandra came face to face with the realm's ruler, who demanded her to find four guardians to replace Cerberos. He also directed him to seek out the ferryman Charon and help him with his errands.[2]



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