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Hades, Meet Podarkes was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra sought to eliminate Podarkes and end his tyrannical rule of the Silver Islands.


Kassandra tracked down Podarkes with the help of Ikaros.

  • Kassandra: I'm coming for you, Podarkes.

Kassandra made her way to Podarkes and struck at him. He struggled against her.

  • Podarkes: Guards! Kill her!

The guards were no match for her.

  • Podarkes: You will die for standing against us, child!

Podarkes fought well, but Kassandra eventually inflicted significant wounds on him.

  • Podarkes: You've been a thorn in my side since you landed.
  • Kassandra: Soon I'm going to be a blade in your throat.
  • Podarkes: Even if you kill me, you will lose, Eagle Bearer. We are everywhere. There isn't a rock you can hide under where we won't find you.
  • Kassandra: You are the snakes who hide! I'm going to bury you so deep only Hades will find you.

After a struggle, Kassandra disabled Podarkes.

  • Kassandra: That was for my family, maláka.

She readied to deliver the final blow before hearing his last words.

  • Podarkes: What I did, I did for the glory of Delos.
  • Kassandra: You acted alone, and you will die alone.

  • Podarkes: Tell my daughter... She should have killed me herself.
  • Kassandra: She's not your daughter anymore.

Kassandra delivered the final blow and ended the cruel tyrant's life.


Kassandra eliminated Podarkes, ending his rule over the islands.

Behind the scenes

  • Completing Call to Arms will force Podarkes out of the Leader House and into the Tavern for a much easier kill. He'll have only one retainer and will likely aggro the Spartan guard outside as soon as he is loaded into the player's vicinity.
  • Killing Podarkes will still deduct -200 Nation Power, even after the bar is refilled upon Sparta taking control, as he is still flagged as a Nation Leader.


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