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This article is about James Cook's ship. You may be looking for the 1710 ship of the same name.

HMS Pembroke

HMS Pembroke was a Man O' War in the Royal Navy, and was widely known for participating in the Siege of Louisbourg in June 1758. The ship was captained by the cartographer and explorer, James Cook, although it was instead piloted by the Templar Shay Cormac during the Louisbourg siege.

Later, Cook used the ship when he met up with Shay Cormac in his ship, the Morrigan, concerning the location of the Assassin, Chevalier de la Vérendrye. Meanwhile, an unnamed British officer took the helm of the HMS Pembroke during his captain's absence. The Pembroke remained when Cook and Shay pursued the Assassin in his ship, the Gerfaut. Later, after Shay killed Chevalier, the Pembroke arrived and sunk the disabled Man O' War, before Cook returned to it.


  • The Pembroke's sails can be obtained through purchasing the Commander Pack or the Ultimate Hunter Pack.
  • The Pembroke's model is identical to those of the La Dama Negra and the Storm Fortress.
  • The Pembroke is the first level 60 Man O' War to appear in the game. It is also the only level 60 British Man O' War in the game.
  • Historically, the Pembroke was captained by John Simcoe during the Siege of Louisbourg and later by John Wheelock; James Cook instead served as the sailing master under them.