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Hülegü Khan was an altered representation of one of Nergüi's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Nergüi: Hülegü of the Ilkhanate. I am Nergüi.
  • Hülegü: Your name reeks of low blood.
  • Nergüi: Whereas yours reeks of the blood of all manner of men.
  • Hülegü: I am of the lineage of the Great Genghis Khan! Such a privilege comes with a charge; to see Mongolia spread as far as the eye can see, and to bring death upon all those who dare to oppose.
  • Nergüi: My brothers, the Assassins, continue to resist your march westward.
  • Hülegü: Ha! The Assassins surrendered their fortress at Alamut without so much as a single arrow fired in its defense! Such cowardice is not even worth regard.
  • Nergüi: And what of Masyaf?
  • Hülegü: The ageing hermits at Masyaf claimed to hold a divine weapon, but the spirits it manifested only held us back for a moment. The blood of the Great Khan allowed me to see through their illusions.
  • Nergüi: Was it the blood of the Khan? Or was it the sword you carry that pierced the veil?
  • Hülegü: They are one and the same. This sword is an heirloom, passed down to those who would follow in the footsteps of Genghis Khan.
  • Nergüi: But you are only the Ilkhan. Kublai claims leadership over the Mongols.
  • Hülegü: Ha! Let Kublai grow fat on his throne if he wants. I prefer action over politics.
  • Nergüi: I will see you punished for those actions.
  • Hülegü: I think not. Who has the authority to judge me? No one.
  • Nergüi: I made a promise to an old friend. I do not require anyone's authority.
  • Hülegü: I welcome you to try. I might even keep you alive for awhile, so you can bear witness to the tragedy that will befall your people for this transgression.


  • Hülegü: Ha! What a pathetic effort. You are every bit as weak as your brethren were.
  • Nergüi: You are not safe, Hülegü. I will return to finish my work.
  • Hülegü: You say that as if I have never had my life threatened before. This is nothing new, Assassin. And it is nothing I cannot brush aside with ease.
  • Nergüi: We shall see, Ilkhan.



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