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"The courtyard of the L'Hôtel Voysin was dusky gray. The building rose on every side and had once been grand, in looks as aristocratic as those who frequented it, but just as the aristocrats had been laid low by the Revolution [...] so Voysin, too, seemed cowed by the events of the last two years: the windows in which lights should have burned were blacked out, some broken and boarded up."
―Élise de la Serre describing the Hôtel Voysin, 1791.[src]

The Hôtel Voysin is an hôtel particulier in the Marais district of Paris.


Once an impressive building, visited by aristocrats and surrounding a well-groomed courtyard, the Voysin had decayed following the outbreak of the French Revolution.[1] In March 1791, the Templar Élise de la Serre planned to meet with her fellow Templar, Chrétien Lafrenière, at the Voysin.[2]

However, François-Thomas Germain, the Grand Master of the Templar Order's radical faction, had manipulated the Assassin Arno Dorian into killing Lafrenière. Instead, an imposter and a large group of Templar hitmen were sent to ambush Élise at the meeting place. Arno, who was Élise's lover, learned of the plot and rushed to save her. After fighting off their assailants, the two fled the Voysin through a hedge maze.[2]


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