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Gwenydd was the daugther of Modron, the high priestess of Glowecestrescire, in whose path she was set to follow. She spent much of her time playing in the woods and it was said the girl's father was the pagan god Cernunnos himself.[1]


Unknown to most people, Gwenydd was conceived during a fertility ritual between both Modron and Cynon. Their daughter proved to be their legacy and a great representation between pagans and Christians.[2] Within Gwenydd's family life, she followed her mother's teachings and had a bigger sister figure in Brigid, daughter of the last ealdorman before Cynon.[3]

A Tale of Wicker-Fire

Unknown to Gwenydd, both parents were protecting against Tewdwr's plan of new Glowecestre, once he became ealdorman. With Modron's vision of her people to flames, Cynon agreed to help her and be rid of Tewdwr, for their daughter.[2] Once the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan to bring back the lovers of Gunnar and Brigid back to Ravensthorpe, the plan was set in motion. After her tasks was done, Eivor began collecting cakes as the Mari Lwyd. From her collections, Eivor caught sight and heard Gwenydd and another child listening to Modron's stories.[3]

Modron and Gwenydd gave advice to Eivor

After her collection, Eivor, with Gunnar, faced off a heckler and it resulted in Gunnar being injured. Coming to aid, Modron agreed to help Gunnar, with Gwenydd asking if the worms would be needed. As Gunnar was tended by the mother and daughter, Eivor left to convene with Tewdwr.[3] However, the next day came with Eivor being accused of Tewdwr's murder. Nowhere to go, Eivor went and found Modron with Gwenydd. Asking for help, Eivor showed Modron Gwilim's pouch, but only received the contents of it but no information of its owner. However, Gwenydd advised her mom and Eivor about the druid Halewyn who might know more. Modron agreed and thus Eivor left the mother and daughter to find the druid.[4]

From her investigation, Eivor found out that Cynon framed her and went to find him. Looking through Glowecestre's main hall, Eivor found and tried to talk with Brigid. Suddenly, Gwenydd came and interrupted them. Eivor talked with Gwenydd and asked her about where to find Cynon. However, Gwenydd promised to help if Eivor watched her magic tricks. Eivor agreed and spent time with Gwenydd. Eivor asked Gwenydd about her family and the young girl responded that her mom and the god, Cernunnos, came together one night and had her. Gwenydd also revealed to Eivor that to find Cynon, she must ask the festival planners.[2]

Eivor watched Gwenydd's magic tricks

After finding out Cynon's location to be St. Kenhelm's Church, Eivor broke inside and confronted him. Upon their discussion, Cynon revealed Modron planned it all and that his part was for her, their union, and their daughter. Eivor came to the conclusion that Gwenydd was his illegitimate daughter. Nevertheless, Eivor told Cynon that Tewdwr changed his perspective on the pagans. Surprised, Cynon told Eivor of his location as she left, after deciding his fate.[2]

Eivor came and rescued Tewdwr, but not before battling and defeating Modron in single combat. After their battle, Eivor decided Modron's fate, unknown that Gwenydd was present. Eivor left with Tewdwr, afterwards, for the burning of the Wicker Man.[5] At the burning, Tewdwr promised to uphold his role as a leader to all pagans and Christians alike, as Gwenydd was present besides him. After Eivor threw the initial flame, all of Glowecestre came to watch as their Samhain festival ended.[6]

Behind the scenes

Depending on the choices made in "A Love Betrayed" and "The Gutted Lamb," Gwenydd would have been an orphan in Tewdwr's care or have Modron take care of her. Also, depending on Cynon's fate, Gwenydd would have said their last good-byes at the burning or not.



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