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Gustavo Ramírez (died c. 1492) was an Spanish Inquisitor and Templar who worked closely with Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada in the late 15th century.


In March 1489, Ramírez increased the Inquisition's presence in the province of Murcia, finding and burning heretics more aggressively at Torquemada's request. On the outskirts of the region, Ramírez established a stronghold to oversee everything.[1]

In 1492, Ramírez still oversaw the Inquisition activity in Murcia. A group of Spanish Assassins infiltrated his fortress intending to kill him, however Ramírez managed to escape unscathed and fled to Saragossa.[2] Torquemada discovered clues leading to two Pieces of Eden hidden in Spain: a broken Staff of Eden and an Apple of Eden. He tasked Inquisitor Ramírez to locate the former while he pursued the latter.[3] However, the Assassins caught wind of Ramírez's mission and tried to prevent the Templar from acquiring the three pieces of the broken Staff. Ramírez, meanwhile, had escaped again to an outpost, and left it shortly before the Assassins arrived.[4]

One piece of the Staff was hidden in the crypt of St. Rafael Abbey; after retrieving it and delivering the artifact to Torquemada, Ramírez was tasked with finding the other pieces.[5] With the Assassins hot on his heels, Ramírez hid himself away in Sádaba Castle with his bodyguard Captain Ordóñez until they could safely transport the artifact to the Real Monasterio de Santo Tomás. Once cornered, Ramírez left his captain to deal with the Assassins while he fled again.[6] The second piece of the Staff was being held for Ramírez by the Dominican monks of the Monastery of St. Lucia. The Assassins beat Ramírez to the artifact and took it before he could claim it.[7]

After continuing to evade the Assassins, Ramírez traveled to northern Spain, where he searched for the Staff's third piece. It was here that Ramírez's forces captured the Assassin bureau leader Diego de Alvarado. Alvarado was eventually freed by the Assassins and he gave them the location of Ramírez's lieutenant, Chacon.[8] Ramírez later ordered another of his lieutenant's, del Salto, to travel to the Asturias mountains and interrogate the monks there on the whereabouts of the third piece.[9]

Del Salto captured one of the monastery's abbots and took him to an Inquisition stronghold in the slums of Oviedo for Ramírez to interrogate him. When the abbot would not yield, Ramírez angrily left the room ordering his executioner to interrogate him further. Unbeknownst to the Inquisitor, the abbot was rescued shortly afterwards by the Assassins.[10] Ramírez continued onto Galicia to find the third piece of the Staff.[11] Ultimately, Ramírez was betrayed and killed by the Assassin turncoat Diego de Alvarado, who intended on handing over the Staff to Torquemada himself and be rewarded accordingly.[12]



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