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Gunnar was a Norse blacksmith who worked and lived in Ravensthorpe with his wife Brigid during the 9th century. His nephew Eyvind served as a watchguard of Fornburg.


Early life

At a very early age Gunnar was abandoned by his family and left alone but was adopted by the people of Heillboer, Norway joining their Clan.[1] Over the years he became a very skilled blacksmith, Supplying weapons to his fellow soldiers. One of these weapons being an axe for Eivor Varinsdottir's father Varin: The leader of his Clan.[2]

A long time later in the year 855 as Varin was swearing allegiance to the Raven Clan's King Styrbjorn of Fornburg Gunnar was among the people celebrating the occasion, joking around with fellow Raven clan members. Though the fun did not last for the Order of the Ancients member Kjotve the Cruel raided the village of Heillboer in Rygjafylke were the alliance was being made, as the vikings ran out to defend the village Gunnar was among the people fighting and survived the massacre.[3] After Varin's death Gunnar moved to Fornburg, spreading his love of community there.[1] And between work, he entered passionate yet all-too-brief relationships with a number of women, unable to find a steady companion.

Life in Fornburg

Gunnar meeting Eivor, who returned with her father's axe

In the year 872 after a semi succesful raid on Kjotve the cruel's men, Eivor Varinsdottir had reclaimed her father's lost axe. Bringing it with her back to Fornburg. Being instructed by both Randvi and Dag to sharpen her blade she went to Gunnar for Help. He was happy to see eivor and even more happy to see one of his finest weapons, He used one of his own ingots to fix the blade. He also relayed that he had split from one of his lovers of five weeks quite recently before Eivor's arrival.[2]

Later the same day a feast was held for prince Sigurd Styrbjornsson, son of King Styrbjorn who had arrived back in Fornburg from his raids in the rest of the world. Gunnar joined in the festivities and listened to the stories Sigurd had to tell of Rome and Africa.[4]

After Harald Fairhair's declaration of peace a group of people from the Raven clan came together for they did not want subjugation under Harald's rule. Gunnar was one of these men deciding to travel to England, and so they set sail towards greener pastures.[5]

Settling down

Gunnar approached by Eivor outside his makeshift tent

Travelling for about a week the raven clan had arrived in England, settling down in a old abandoned camp formerly settled by the Sons of Ragnar the clan set up tents as temporary homes and fixing the large longhouse. Gunnar set up in a large blue tent near the shore of the settlement now named Ravensthorpe. Gunnar found while setting up his tent a map made by Bandits marking where Eivor could find Christian monasteries, needing material to build him a real forge he wanted to follow Eivor with Raiding but Eivor backed him out of it since he was their only Blacksmith. After a quick pillage Eivor came back with the resources needed to build Gunnar's forge and he told her that he could help uppgrading Weapons and Armour anytime Eivor needed it.[6]

In 875 Gunnar was there to witness the holmgang between Eivor and Dag.[7]

A Tale of Wicker-Fire

The next year in 876 a young Anglo-saxonwoman named Brigid travelled to Ravensthorpe to sell homemade Runes. She tried selling a Rune to Gunnar for a brooch he was making, when spending time together Gunnar fell in love with her and Brigid with him. Deciding they wanted to marry eachother they travelled to Gloucestershire to get the blessing of the ealdorman Cynon who raised brigid when she was young. Leaving the care of his forge to Rima and requesting from Randvi to tell Eivor to come and help bolster his apperance. Some days later Eivor arrived to Gunnar's appreciation, introducing his future wife to the Shieldmaiden. Brigid slightly annoyed stayed in their house as Eivor and Gunnar went to see the Ealdorman and Tewdwr, while Eivor helped Tewdwr to the forest shrine Gunnar returned to his Lady love. [8]

Later in the evening Gunnar and Brigid dressed Eivor up as the Mari Lwyd and together went out knocking on peoples door's asking for treats. But during their little adventure Gunnar got into a fight with a local man, Eivor joined in the fight but Gunnar hurt his leg badly and was left to be healed by Brigid and Modron. While Eivor was out stopping a sacrifical murder gunnar stayed healing though annoyed that he couldnt have had more fun with the festivites, but they were almost over and Gunnar joined Eivor watching the wicker man with Cynon in it burn.[9]

Packing their bags Gunnar and Brigid travelled back to Ravensthorpe with Eivor, settling down in their now shared household though deciding to wait with the marrige ceramony till the fighting had calmed down

The Forge and the Flame

When the fighting had died down Gunnar was approached by Eivor on when he wanted the wedding and tired of waiting persuaded Gunnar to have it the same day. The residents of Ravensthorpe gathered for the ceremony. An impromptu chapel was quickly built on a clifftop, with a large wooden platform set on the ground and featuring a large red carpet making up the central aisle. An archway was erected at the end, decorated with flowers and flanked on either side by the Raven Clan banner and lit braziers on smaller red carpets. With everyone present, Eivor walked from where she stood to where Brigid and Gunnar were beneath the arch. She looked Gunnar in the eye and spread her arms, silently asking if she could proceed. After a quick glance to Brigid, Gunnar nodded in firm conviction and Eivor dipped her head in turn. Eivor gave the starting sermon and then Gunnar and Brigid said their woves, swapped gifts and shared a passionate kiss before sitting down to enjoy the feast.[10]

Behind the scenes

Gunnar is a character from the 2020 video game Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. His name is the genitive form of the Old Norse word gunnr, meaning "battle".



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