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Gunilla (died 873), also known as The Adze, was a ranking member of the Order of the Ancients' Wardens of Law sect, holding the title Palatinus. She used to frequent around the dock in Repton in Ledecestrescire.


In her youth, Gunilla was a good child, as she helped and worked with her extended family to build ships. However, periods of pestilence caused misfortune and anarchy to her family and thus Gunilla sought a more stable and structured world. One day, a wandering noblewoman noticed and introduced Gunilla to the guidelines of the Order and soon after, Gunilla became a student. Later, she managed the shipbuilding and naval missions under the Order.[1]

The Adze's title came up when a clue was found by Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan. At the Roman Ruins within Ledecestre, after winning the challenge against the champion drinker, a note detailing about The Adze was recovered by Eivor. This clue divulged that further information of The Adze can be found near a watermill, just south of Tonnastadir hamlet, in western Ledecestrescire. At the village, Cweornric, a note about The Adze was found on top of rugs in a house northwest of a watermill in the area. This clue led to the immediate location and the true identity of The Adze: Gunilla. Gunilla was at the docks in Repton, Ledecestrescire. At the docks, Gunilla, who was surveying the land and its people, was unaware that she was found by Eivor. Gunilla was soon assassinated by Eivor, which effectively ended her presence in the city.[1]

After her death, a different clue was discovered on Gunilla and the clue gave another Order target called The Oil.[1]


  • The first clue that Eivor received for identifying Gunilla can be obtained from assassinating either Tata, The Dart, or the Zealot Cola.