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Gungnir was a Spear of Eden created by the Isu blacksmith Ivaldi.

From its creation until the Great Catastrophe, this Piece of Eden was wielded by Odin himself before it was lost within Goinnhellir mountain near to the entrance of the Yggdrasil Chamber. Millennia later, it was retrieved by Odin's reincarnation, Eivor Varinsdottir.


  • Odin (? – 75,000 BCE)[1]
  • Eivor Varinsdottir (877 CE – ?)[1]


Isu Era

During the Isu Era, the Isu Odin wielded Gungnir in battle. He carried it with him to meet his end during the Great Catastrophe.[1]

9th century CE

After the Great Catastrophe, Gungnir was trapped within Goinnhellir. It lay there until 877 when Eivor Varinsdottir, Odin's reincarnation, retrieved it while detouring away from her brother Sigurd on their way to the Yggdrasil supercomputer.[2]

Weapon statistics

Class Rarity Attack Stun Weight Speed Critical Precision Perks Availability
Bear Mythical 147 170 13 52 117 The Spear's reach is extended by a force field Found within Goinnhellir
A legendary spear once wielded by Odin himself. It is said that this fine weapon never missed its mark.