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ACU Guillaume Beylier

Guillaume Beylier

Guillaume Beylier was born in the French colony of Saint-Domingue as the son of a wealthy plantation owner and a slave.[1]

At some point, Beylier was taken to Paris in order to to be freed and joined the Assassins.[1] After several years of service, he became a Master Assassin and took a seat on the Assassin Council of the French Brotherhood.[2]

By 1776, Beylier was contacted by Eseosa, an Assassin of his native colony, who asked for support in the revolution for independence. As the French Assassins were preoccupied, Beylier was not able to provide reinforcements, but kept in contact with Eseosa nonetheless.[3] Later, Beylier fought during the French Revolution, and eventually in Haiti, alongside Eseosa.[1]


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