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This article is about the guild challenges of Assassin's Creed: Revelations. You may be looking for the guild challenges of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Guild challenges were a feature that returned in the city of Constantinople, having previously been introduced in Rome. However, they differed in that instead of completing challenges to move up ranks, the Assassin Ezio Auditore needed to complete certain challenge sets in order to unlock specific items or abilities. However, challenges could not be completed while in Cappadocia.

Assassin's Guild

Set 1

  • Call Assassins during a fight 25 times.
  • Call Assassins on a target 20 times.

Reward: Assassins would be more effective when sent on missions, with a chance to succeed in Mediterranean Defense contracts being increased by a base level of 10%.

Set 2

  • Use Arrow Storm 15 times.
  • Call Assassins within a story mission at least 5 times.

Reward: Ezio's Assassin Signal recharged at an increased speed.

Set 3

Reward: Unlocked the Assassin faction weapon, the Sword of Altaïr.

Mercenaries Guild

Set 1

  • Use Mercenaries on guards 10 times.
  • Destroy 5 scaffolds by throwing someone into it.
  • Kill 5 enemies using a thrown weapon.

Reward: The cost of hiring Mercenaries decreased.

Set 2

  • Disarm and kill a guard with his own weapon 5 times.
  • Kill 25 Byzantine Almogavars.
  • Perform 10 hook and throws.

Reward: Unlocked the Mercenaries' faction ability - Hired mercenaries would keep beggar women away from Ezio.

Set 3

  • Perform 10 Double assassinations.
  • Kill 5 guards in under 10 seconds in melee combat.
  • Perform 10 combo kill streaks of at least 5 kills.
  • Kill 25 Ottoman Janissaries.

Reward: Unlocked the Mercenaries' faction weapon, the Broadsword.

Romanies Guild

Set 1

Reward: The cost of hiring Romanies decreased.

Set 2

  • Use 10 tactical bombs to escape guards.
  • Kill 5 stalkers without getting stabbed.
  • Kill 15 guards using poison.

Reward: Unlocked the Romanies' faction ability - Hired Romani would poison guards when they broke away from Ezio.

Set 3

  • Kill 20 guards with bombs without being spotted.
  • Assassinate 10 guards from behind.
  • Assassinate 5 guards from hiding spots.
  • Kill 3 guards dazed by a single smoke bomb.

Reward: Unlocked the Romanies' faction weapon, the Romani Stiletto.

Thieves Guild

Set 1

  • Use 10 Thieves on guards.
  • Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters.
  • Perform 15 hook and runs.

Reward: The cost of hiring Thieves decreased.

Set 2

  • Perform 40 Leaps of Faith.
  • Climb a total distance of 1 kilometer.
  • Steal 250 Akçe with counter steals.

Reward: Unlocked the Thieves' faction ability - Hired thieves would loot dead guards and pickpocket civilians for Ezio.

Set 3

  • Perform a dive of at least 30 meters.
  • Kill 25 guards with throwing knives.
  • Perform 5 air assassinations from a beam to a guard.
  • Perform 10 zipline assassinations.

Reward: Unlocked the Thieves' Faction weapon, the Ottoman Mace.


Set 1

  • Stick 10 bombs on guards.
  • Kill a mission target with a bomb.
  • Distract 20 guards with bombs.
  • Kill 5 guards with a single bomb.
  • Kill 20 guards with tripwire bombs.

Reward: Extra bomb ingredients found from Assassin Dens.

Set 2

  • Craft a bomb with every shell type.
  • Use 50 bombs.
  • Kill 25 guards incapacitated by bombs.
  • Craft 1 bomb with every effect type.
  • Use every bomb effect at least twice.

Reward: Bomb capacity upgrade - Ezio would gain an additional slot for bombs of all types.



  • Calling Assassins multiple times during the same fight counted towards calling them 25 times.
  • To recruit more than eleven Assassins, Ezio could highlight a city in Mediterranean Defense and manage the guild by stationing an Assassin there, freeing up slots for him to recruit more civilians.
  • To begin a Den Defense, Templar Awareness of Ezio must have been full, before he would commit illegal actions to cause the Byzantines to attack one of his Dens. The fastest way to ensure that this happened was for Ezio to renovate a few shops after a Templar Den was taken over, without lowering his Templar Awareness first.
  • One way for Ezio to complete the Den Defense challenge was to replay the "On The Defense" memory, as the Den Defense carried out in the mission was much easier than subsequent attempts.
    • Ezio could also complete this challenge by completing all of the Master Assassin missions for all seven Dens. This permanently secured the Dens and prevented Den Defense from becoming accessible, automatically filling in the requirement even if no Den Defenses had been attended beforehand.


  • Throwing civilians into scaffolds also counted towards the relevant challenge.
  • Killing 25 Almogavars could be achieved by repeatedly playing the bomb memory "Piri Reis: Datura".
  • It was advisable for Ezio to finish the killing streak challenges before the end of the second memory sequence, since the guard patrols would consist of Agiles and Elites, who were all vulnerable to streak kills. It was possible to obtain after the second memory sequence, but with Janissaries included within each patrol, the job would be trickier for Ezio to accomplish. The best chance for him to finish the task was by stirring up trouble at the Imperial District harbor, since there was at least two or three spots where two patrols met, providing Ezio with at least 8 guards to face at the same time.
  • A very easy way to get kill streaks is also achieved by repeatedly playing the memory "The Fourth Part of the World" in which all enemies consist of Agiles and Elites. Running into the restricted zone and getting the attention of multiple guards, counter the first to start the killing streak and then continue it. After killing all guards in the area you can restart the memory and do it until you achieve the challenge.


  • 5 stalkers could be killed by Ezio through replaying "The Janissaries" memory repeatedly, as a stalker always appeared in the Grand Bazaar area. Accompanying this, one also appeared in The Deacon, Part 1 and Part 2 memories.
  • In the Italian version of the game, there was a translation error that said Ezio needed to have killed 20 guards with the Hidden Blade to accomplish a challenge. Despite this, the challenge was actually scripted to be fulfilled with the crossbow only.


  • Sprinting 300 meters could easily be accomplished by Ezio in the Topkapı Palace courtyard, or through him running around in the Arsenal.
  • Diving 30 meters could be achieved by leaping off of a ship's mast in the Arsenal district. There was also a chance for Ezio to do this challenge when he retrieved Sofia Sartor's package at the South Harbor, after the Assassin scared away Duccio de Luca. To achieve this, Ezio would have to simply climb the ship's mast after retrieving Sofia's package, before jumping to the water. As well as this, it would also give him a stealthy exit to complete the optional memory objective.


  • The challenges involving sticking 10 bombs and killing 20 guards with tripwire bombs could easily be accomplished by Ezio through sticking smoke bombs on a group of guards, before placing himself between them and laying down a datura tripwire bomb.
  • Sticking 10 bombs and killing 25 guards incapacitated by bombs could be easily accomplished by the Assassin via sticking smoke bombs on a group of guards, before he tossed a splinter impact bomb at them.
  • To complete the challenge for crafting one bomb of each effect, Ezio must make bombs with all 10 effects. To quickly craft bombs, Desmond Miles could open the weapon selection menu during his sessions in the Animus and highlight the bomb he wished Ezio to create, before he hit the "Add Bomb" button. Also, through staying near to a crafting table when Ezio did this, it allowed him to easily go back and make another bomb with another effect. Once he had crafted bombs with all 10 effects, Ezio would complete the challenge.


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