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This article is about the guild challenges of Rome. You may be looking for the guild challenges of Constantinople.

Guild challenges were tasks made available in Rome to the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, on the renovation of a major faction building.

As challenges were completed, they gave various benefits and weapons to Ezio; the completion of two challenges resulted in the cost of hiring followers being reduced by half; five completed challenges granted new skills to their respective faction and a guild crest; and upon finishing all ten challenges, a new weapon became available at the Tiber Island headquarters.

The only exception to the above was the Assassin's Guild, which only granted a guild crest and the Sword of Altaïr on full completion, though this set only had 5 challenges to complete.

Assassin's Guild

  • Signal 25 Assassin recruits during a fight.
  • Perform 15 Arrow Storms.
  • Signal 20 Assassin recruits to kill a target.
  • Signal 5 Assassin recruits within a core memory.
  • Raise 5 recruits to the rank of Assassino (level 10).

Upon completing all five of these challenges, Ezio was awarded the Assassin's Guild crest and Altaïr's sword at the Assassin hideout in Rome.

Mercenaries' Guild

  • Send 10 Mercenary groups to attack guards.
  • Destroy 5 scaffolds by throwing guards into them.
  • Kill 25 Brutes.
  • Kill 25 Papal guards.
  • Kill 25 guards while on Horseback.1
  • Air assassinate 10 guards that are on horseback.2
  • 10 Double assassinations.
  • Disarm and kill 5 guards with their own weapons.
  • Kill 5 guards in 10 seconds.
  • 10 streaks of at least 5 kills.

Upon completing all ten of these challenges, Ezio was awarded Bartolomeo's Axe at the Assassin hideout.

Note: "On horseback" meant that guard must have been on horseback

1.Ezio on horseback can use arrow storm to Kill 25 guards while on horseback.

2. Horse to horse assassinations counted, and failed attempts counted.

Courtesans Guild

  • Send 10 Courtesan groups to distract guards.
  • Evade 10 enemies using the crowd and other hide spots.
  • Kill 20 enemies stationed at Guard Posts1 using the crossbow, without being detected.
  • Commandeer 10 horses belonging to guards without killing the rider.
  • Hide 5 dead bodies in wells or haystacks.
  • Poison 15 guards.
  • Kill 20 guards while they are stunned by smoke bomb smoke.
  • Assassinate 10 guards from behind.
  • Assassinate 5 guards from blend spots.

Upon completing all nine of these challenges, Ezio was awarded Maria's Dagger at the Assassin hideout.

1. "Guard Posts" meant that the guards in question must have been standing and folding their arms, and that Ezio must not be detected a short while after he killed them with the crossbow. Such guards were commonly found near Borgia towers before their conquest, as well as the French encampments in the Campagna district before Octavian de Valois' assassination. Guards were also typically posted under the Arco di Tito near the Colosseum prior to an ill-fated rendition of The Passion in August 1503.

Thieves' Guild

  • Send 10 Thief groups to lure guards.
  • Sprint 300 meters without being interrupted.
  • Jump 20 times from a horse to a beam.
  • Perform 40 Leaps of faith.
  • Perform a dive from a height of 25 meters.
  • Pickpocket 250 florins.
  • Glide a cumulative total of 500 meters with the parachute.
  • Kill 25 guards with a ranged weapon.
  • Air assassinate 5 guards from a beam.

Upon completing all nine of these challenges, Ezio was awarded La Volpe's Bite at the Assassin hideout.



  • Rank 5: No rewards.
  • Rank 1: Guild Crest, Sword of Altaïr.


  • Rank 10: 50% discount on hiring Mercenary groups.
  • Rank 5: Guild Crest.
    • Mercenary Bodyguard - If minstrels ran towards Ezio and got in his way, the mercenaries would push them until they would flee.
    • Rider Assassinate - When Ezio was being charged at by a guard on a horse, the mercenaries would trip up the animal, similar to the maneuver Ezio would perform when he countered them.
  • Rank 1: Bartolomeo's Axe


  • Rank 10: 50% discount on hiring Courtesan groups.
  • Rank 5: Guild Crest.
    • Distract Rider - When Ezio targeted a guard on a horse, he could order the courtesans with him to distract the guard, causing the rider to stop the horse, dismount and then act like a regular distracted guard.
    • Courtesan Poison - When Ezio walked past some guards with a group of courtesans, two of them would break off regularly, though they would blow white powder into the guards' faces and walk away. Following this, the guards would follow a short while before succumbing to the poison and reacting in a crazed manner.
  • Rank 1: Maria's Dagger.


  • Rank 10: 50% discount on hiring Thief groups.
  • Rank 5: Guild Crest.
    • Thieves Pickpocket - Whenever Ezio walked through any crowd with a thief group following, they would pickpocket florins for him.
    • Pull Riders Off Horse - When Ezio targeted a guard who was on a horse and instructed the thief group with him to lure the guard away, the thieves would possibly pull the guard from his horse and then run away, with the guard following close behind. In some instances, a thief may also steal their horse and ride off.
  • Rank 1: La Volpe's Bite.


  • Any progress made towards guild challenges prior to renovating the major faction buildings would not count, so it was best that Ezio's efforts to complete them were started after Memory sequence 3 for the Courtesan, Thief and Mercenary factions, and halfway through Memory sequence 4 for the Assassin Guild.
  • To simplify the hiring challenges, Ezio could repeat the renovation of a faction building to make the corresponding group of the chosen faction appear nearby. From there, he could choose a random guard to distract, lure or attack, before heading back, renovate once more and repeating the process.


  • A tactic for Ezio to increase the speed of the Arrow Storm meter to recharge was to send 6 Assassin recruits out on contract missions with similar time constraints, before using the technique just before they were due to return.


  • Since assassination from the ground did not count towards progress on the Mercenary challenges specifying "on horseback," a good tactic for Ezio to use was to either assassinate his targets from a horse (stealing theirs in the process) or to kill them with a crossbow.
  • For the "kill 25 Papal guards" challenge, Ezio could find Papal guards at the entrance of the Vaticano district (a group of 4), as overseers in War Plans memories, as targets or as bodyguards in Assassination Contracts memories, as well as within several Core memories.
  • For the "10 guards air assassinated while on horseback" challenge, an easy way to Ezio to complete it was to assassinate a guard on a horse while he was also on one, as it counted as an air assassination.


  • For the "kill 20 enemies stationed at Guard Posts" challenge, the memory "French Kiss" was the most useful, as there was multiple guard posts targeted. Additionally, loading the mission but not starting it (by avoiding the exclamation mark on the Animus mini-map) allowed Ezio to use the respawn trick.


  • Using the Antico District area near to the Thieves Guild building was a good strategy for Ezio to complete the "Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters" challenge. To do this, Ezio could find an empty field and run around in circles until he reached the 300 meters quota. Additionally, once the aqueducts were fully repaired, he could run along the water on the top of them, as sections of them were long and straight with no obstacles to trip him up.
  • Synchronizing with every View Point would take Ezio more than halfway to the goal of "40 Leaps of faith," and using Leaps as an evasive maneuver could also get him the rest of the way.
  • The "pickpocket 250ƒ" challenge could be completed in a single pickpocket if Ezio bribed a Herald with 500ƒ and then immediately stole his money back.
  • A good place for Ezio to get "20 jumps from a horse to a beam" was near to the Tiber Island headquarters, as there was a bridge next to the hideout that had a beam stretching between two walls. Because of the open space, it was easier and less stressful to complete the challenge. For attempts to count towards the challenge's quota, Ezio had to spin around the beam completely, before he landed on top of it.
    • It was also recommended for Ezio to attempt the "20 jumps from a horse to a beam" in an area where there was two or more beams lined up. This way, he could save time after spinning around the beam by jumping forward onto the next one, before immediately leaping back onto his horse.
    • As well as this, it was important for the A/Cross button to be tapped while Ezio stood and galloped towards the beam, instead of holding onto it as Ezio first grabbed on and began his flip. If the A/Cross button was held while Ezio flipped around the beam, it would not count towards the guild challenge.
  • Ezio could complete "Use 10 thief groups to distract guards" with one thief group, by using them on guards stationed on rooftops.
  • A good place for getting the "Glide a cumulative total of 500 meters with the parachute" was on the top of the Castel Sant'Angelo, where Ezio could also get the "Fly Like An Eagle" achievement/trophy.
    • As well as this, Ezio could also get this challenge by climbing to the top of the Tiber Island headquarters and parachuting down to the ground multiple times, which took less time to climb and also has a tailor nearby to replenish parachute stocks.
  • Ezio could complete the "Perform a dive from a height of 25 meters" from the View Point at the Tiber Island headquarters.


  • With the completion of 10 Guild challenges, the "Show Off" achievement/trophy was awarded.


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