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Guernica Moneo (died 2018) was a skilled hacker and a member of Erudito. After the Templars assaulted Erudito's Hidden Base in 2016, Moneo worked with the Assassins, acting as a technician during field operations.

However, the young Spaniard was later revealed to be a mole of the Instruments of the First Will, a cult venerating Juno.


Meeting de la Cruz

In 2016, Moneo met Charlotte de la Cruz and her companions, Galina Voronina and Kody Adams, as the three Assassins were brought on Erudito's hideaway island by the Collective's leader Florencia. Moneo was present at the meeting during which Florencia informed the leaders of the Collective that she intended to use her granddaughter's connection with Consus to learn more about the Isu and to stop the Templar's Phoenix Project. However, she was forced to organize a videoconference with all the collective members, when Dewalt asked for a vote of no-confidence, stating that going out of the shadows was not the Erudito's way. When Charlotte suggested that they were all on the same side and demanded to know what was the Phoenix Project, she was informed by Guernica who told her about the Phoenix Project's ultimate goal of resurrecting Juno.[2]

While waiting for the videoconference, Charlotte questioned Florencia and Guernica on what exactly her mission was supposed to be, as all she knew was that she was going to be looking for Consus. Florencia explained that they had originally thought that Consus had only spoken to a young Assassin named Giovanni Borgia and only once when he was very young, but now believed that Consus had communicated with Giovanni more than once and thought he had hidden a message. When Charlotte asked whether the Templars had it, as they had access to all of Giovanni's memories, Guernica showed her a visual representation of Giovanni's memories and asked her whether she could see what he was pointing at.[2]

When Charlotte answered that she could not see anything there, Guernica explained that it was probably a false memory and that the Templars did not know about a second encounter because Giovanni did not remember it. Charlotte then deduced that one of her ancestors had witnessed the encounter, which Guernica confirmed to be correct. After Florencia explained that Charlotte's ancestor had been with Giovanni twice, once in 1515 and a second time in 1516, and that they thought Charlotte's Eagle Vision would let her see the truth.[2]

Walking together through an orchard, Guernica informed Charlotte of how Florencia's leadership had turned Erudito into a more effective group, remarking that they had taken down more targets in the last six months than they had done in the past two years. After stating that he believed Florencia's plan to set up permanent hives on each continent was Erudito's future, Guernica informed Charlotte that, despite Florencia stating that it was no big deal, it was possible that she could lose the vote and that he could not even guarantee that the members who listened to him would vote her way.

Looking for Consus

Later on, during Florencia and Dewalt's videoconference, Dewalt tried to convince the Collective to vote against Florencia's plan and the search for Consus. However Charlotte stood up and addressed a passionated speech to the collective, stating that neither group could defeat the Templars on their own and that Erudito and the Brotherhood should merge. Shortly after, Guernica announced that the poll was turning in favor of Florencia and the alliance with the Assassins.[2]

As Charlotte was being prepared to enter her ancestor's memories in the Animus chamber in the complex, she asked Guernica which ancestor she was going to jump into, to which he replied that he was going to keep that a surprise. Shortly after, Florencia walked into the chamber and asked to know the results of Charlotte's stress test, to which Guernica answered that, aside from a puncture mark, she was great. When asked about the puncture mark, Charlotte told her about how the Templar named Sanchez had jabbed her in the foot back in Mexico. Florencia chastised Charlotte for dismissing it, remarking that she could have been injected with nano-trackers or infected with some slow-acting poison.[2]

Florencia started a scan of Charlotte but was interrupted by Kody after the departure of the older lady and Guernica. After she finished reliving Hiram's confrontation with Giovanni in 1516, Charlotte lamented that they had found nothing of importance within the memory and Florencia asked if she had looked hard enough. An argument issued, which was interrupted by Guernica, who stated that some of their people were flipping to Dewalt and that they wanted to hear from Florencia.[2]

Eventually Charlotte found what she was looking for, with Consus spoking directly to her but upon emerging from the Animus was informed that the Templars had somehow found the hidden HQ. Guernica, Dewalt and several Erudito agents arrived, and the hacker insisted that they follow protocol and wipe the servers remotely after everyone was safely clear of the compound. However, Florencia disagreed with Guernica, asking what would happen if the Templars got to the servers first. After getting to the servers, Guernica and Kody planted explosive devices on the servers while Florencia downloaded the data about the Phoenix Project. However, Florencia later dropped the data box while running and Kody had to run back under a hail of bullets in order to retrieve it.[2]

Escaping the Island

As Charlotte consoled the fatally wounded Kody in his final moments, assuring him that he did well to save the data box, Guernica was among the four Erudito survivors who witnessed Kody's death. The group made their way towards the boats close to the southern edge of the island but Charlotte sensed it was a trap and with the help of Guernica and Dewalt convinced Florencia that they needed to double-back and wait for help from the Assassins.[2]

Charlotte also realized that Templar Ortega Sanchez planted a tracer inside of her back in Mexico, which allowed the Templars to find the island and to track them. As the group began to depart, Charlotte chose to stay behind in order to create a distraction and told her grandmother about the tracer that was put on her. Guernica had to physically restrain the outraged Florencia, as his leader berated Charlotte for not finishing the scan and stated that she was an embarrassment to her as a granddaughter. Reaching the crash site of a Voronina and My'shell Lemair's jet, who came back from Somalia after receiving their distress signal, the group reunited with the two women before being rescued by the Assassins Kiyoshi Takakura and Arend Schut Cunningham, who took them away in a helicopter after they also rescued Charlotte.[2]

Supporting the Assassins

During February 2017 in Hong Kong, Guernica went with Charlotte de la Cruz went to gather information from an abandoned Abstergo facility in a skyscraper with Barindra Mitra and other Assassins. While at the facility, they were attacked by a group. All the assassins died in combat but Charlotte survived.[2]

Charlotte dives through the window, crashing to a van roof below, breaking her fall but she was injured. A would-be-Assassin with a super heated blade leaps after her, narrowly missing her and stabbing through the roof of the van to where Guernica Moneo hides below. As Charlotte fends off the rogue Assassins from within the back, Guernica drives the van off at speed. A throwing star breaks the windshield, slicing off Guernica's fingers and hitting him in the face. Then, the van crashes on its side as he loses control.[2]

They both survive, but instead of interrogating a defeated Assassin, Charlotte elects to escape to a safe house and in turn save the wounded Guernica.[2]

Unmasked traitor

He was in fact a spy sent by the Instruments of the First Will, which was discovered when Galina Voronina found him attempting to execute Charlotte whilst her mind was trapped in the Grey.[3]