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ACO Gudbrand Blade

Gudbrand Blade

The Gudbrand Blade was a double-edge, straight sword whose gleaming white blade and majestic design associated it with heroism and honor.


Highly distinct among swords of Egypt in the 1st century BCE, the Gudbrand Blade bore a sleek and glistening, wide, double-edged white blade which tapered to a sharp point. Perhaps most unique of the weapon's profile was the hilt itself. Like many swords of this era, it lacked a true crossguard, having only a golden stop that held up the blade in the fashion of a cup, but the grip was exceedingly thin. The narrow grip, painted in a vibrant shade of blue, ensured that despite the absence of a guard, the stop sufficed as one in function anyways. Completing this elaborate hilt was the golden pommel which, crescent-shaped, arced forward towards the grip. Owing to the majestic appearance of the sword, it was thought to be befitting of heroes and the most valorous of warriors.[1]


By the mid-1st century BCE, the Gudbrand Blade had found its way to Egypt, then under the reign of the Ptolemaic dynasty.[1]

Weapon statistics

Rarity Quality (Max Level 55) Damage (Max Level 55) Attributes Availability
Common 114 519 Critical Hit Rate I Blacksmith, Loot


  • The Gudbrand Blade is visually based on a dagger of princess Ita daughter of Amenemhat II from the Middle Kingdom period exhibited in the Egyptian Museum.[2] However, it's depicted as being sword size in game.
  • Its name appears to be a reference to the Gudbrand weapon set from For Honor, another Ubisoft game.
  • The Gudbrand Blade shares the same weapon model as the Amun's Blade.



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