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Assassin's creed - viewpoint

Altaïr on a guard tower in Damascus

Guard towers were view points that Assassins were able to use, and at least one could be found in each district. Their presence was scaled down during the years until the Italian Renaissance.

Middle Ages[]

The Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad often used guard towers to survey the area during the hunt for the Templars.[1]

Guard Towers were the center of guard activity in a district. They were guarded by several high-ranking guardsmen, with more patrolling the nearby area. A single archer was always found on the tower itself.[1]

During an assassination, if Altaïr was exposed, some of his targets fled towards the district's guard tower. Upon reaching it, they became more difficult to kill, as they would be reinforced by several guards.[1]


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ACB Borgia Tower

A Borgia Tower in Rome

In Rome, Guard Towers once again appeared in the form of Borgia Towers, this time with the ability to destroy them.[2]

Ezio Auditore da Firenze had to locate and kill the Captain overseeing the tower. Afterwards, Ezio climbed the tower and ignited it, successfully liberating the area from Borgia influence.[2]

In Constantinople, the Assassins built dens around the city. When they were captured by Templars, they were used as guard towers by them.[3]