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This article is about the elite units of Iberian armies. You may be looking for standard Italian guard captains or the lieutenant of Girolamo Savonarola.
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A Guard Captain was a type of elite, heavy soldier which saw service in the armies of the Iberian peninsula, such as those of the Kingdom of Aragon and the Emirate of Granada, at the end of the 15th century. Aragonese Guard Captains differed from their Granadan counterparts in being fully suited in plate armour and a frog-mouth helm.[1]

Akin to the contemporary Papal Guards, their defining characteristic, aside from serving as high-ranking officers, were their juggernaut-like physique and their heavy, two-handed broadswords. The Spanish Rite of the Templar Order enormously favoured Guard Captains, and many of their members and served in these units. Likewise, the Spanish Inquisition had sizable contingents of Guard Captains which they deployed in raids against those they deemed heretical.[1]



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