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The Green Mountains is a a heavily forested, fertile upland area in northeastern Libya, south of the city of Cyrene. During the 1st century BCE, when Libya, then known as Cyrenaica, was under Roman rule, the Romans commissioned an aqueduct in the region to supply water to the surrounding fort, overseen by Roman engineer Vitruvius. [1]

In 1st century BCE, the region was home to an Oracle of Apollo, Phoebe.[2]


In 47 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa passed through the region during his journey to Cyrene in pursuit of Flavius Metellus.[3] While travelling through the farmlands, he met Praxilla, a Greek healer defending herself and others against a group of farmers affected by Flavius' relic. Bayek later helped her to look for survivors, finding Nenet and escorting her to safety. Before departing to Balagrae, Praxilla entrusted Bayek with a ring, asking him to look for her friend Diocles in Cyrene, who she thought could be of help to the Medjay.[3]

Behind the scenes

Historically, the region is included as part of Cyrenaica. However in Assassin's Creed: Origins, it's listed as a separate region.



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