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Great Britain, alternatively Albion,[1][2] is an island in the British Isles which comprises most of the sovereign state of the United Kingdom.

Celtic peoples, including the ancestors of the Welsh, are indigenous to it. The Romans conquered most of the island through successive invasions from the 1st century BCE to the 1st century CE, building Hadrian's Wall to defend their northern boundary. The disintegration of the Roman Empire in the 5th century allowed a mass migration of Germanic peoples into the island which drove the Celts to its western and northern regions. Eventually, the Kingdom of England emerged as the premier power on the island from the coalescence of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms while the Kingdom of Scotland formed at the northern end. To the west, surviving Celts established several petty kingdoms which developed into a common Welsh identity.[3]


Roman Empire

Prior to the Roman invasion, Great Britain was ruled by King Lud around 66 BCE.[4]

Emperor Claudius invaded Britain in 43 CE.[5] The rapid expansion of the Roman Empire led the Hidden Ones to establish bureaus across Britain.[6] These were located in what later became London, Gloucestershire, Essex, Winchester, York, Leicester and Colchester.[7]

Queen Boudicca of the Iceni led a revolt against the Romans, burning down the city of Londonium.[8] Four decades after her death the Romans remained unyielding to Iceni demands for reform, leading Hidden One Anicius to assassinate governor Verus.[7]

Around 122 CE,[9] Emperor Hadrian constructed Hadrian's Wall to keep out northern tribes from Scotland.[10] Hadrian would travel to Britannia to make war on the Britons and Picts, leading the Londinium bureau to dispatch Caius to poison the Emperor. However, the Hidden One was discovered and killed.[7]

The last Romans would withdraw from the island in 407, leading the tribes of Britain to begin fighting amongst themselves for land and wealth.[11]

Early Middle Ages

The Saxon armies of Cerdic of Wessex and Cynric defeated and killed the Briton King Natanleod, leading to the formation of the Kingdom of Wessex in the south of the island in 519.[12][13]

Early Modern period

On 2 September 1666, a fire broke out in Pudding Lane, later burning down 373 acres of London. King Charles II of England encouraged an evacuation to quell fears of a subsequent rebellion.[14]

The Peace of Utrecht was signed by Anne, Queen of Great Britain in 1714, officially ending the War of the Spanish Succession. This would go on to indirectly trigger the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean Sea.[15]



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