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{{Youmay|a memory of Arno Dorian|a [[Graduation|memory]] of [[Ezio Auditore da Firenze]]}}
{{Youmay|one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories|[[Ezio Auditore]]'s memories of the [[Graduation|same name]]}}
{{Memory Infobox
{{Memory Infobox
|name = Graduation
|image =
|image =
|description = ''After nearly a year of training, Arno is finally ready to become a full-fledged [[Assassins|Assassin]]. All he has to do is complete one last exercise.''
|description = ''After nearly a year of training, Arno is finally ready to become a full-fledged [[Assassins|Assassin]]. All he has to do is complete one last exercise.''

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This article is about one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories. You may be looking for Ezio Auditore's memories of the same name.

Graduation was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno rendezvoused with Pierre Bellec on a rooftop near the Conciergerie for his last exercise before becoming a full-fledged Assassin.


  • Arno: What's the mission?
  • Bellec: The mission is get your arse in position and don't ask questions, pisspot.
  • Arno: I live to serve.

After killing three guards and sabotaging a nearby alarm bell, Arno eavesdropped on a Templar meeting.

  • Sivert: Lord Guillaume de Roussel has generously agreed to our price of forty percent.
  • Arpinon: An act of desperation. What about the priest?
  • Sivert: He'll come around.
  • Arpinon: Your confidence is infectious, Sivert. My boys will have the wagon ready.
  • Sivert: Here are the details--make sure it goes smoothly.
  • Arpinon: Of course.
    "Make sure that it goes smoothly." (Ass). When have I ever--

Bellec assassinated Arpinon from above.

  • Bodyguard: Murder! Murder! Help!
  • Bellec: These bastards always have bodyguards. Well?

Arno assassinated the bodyguard from behind.

  • Bellec: Next time, do that before he starts screaming.
  • Arno: Why do we hang about here when Sivert still lives? He killed (Mister) De La Serre!
  • Bellec: Patience. Sivert is not the target. Not today. Come on. Council is waiting for our report.

After Arno looted the ledger from Arpinon's body, he and Bellec were spotted the guards.

  • Bellec: That's a lot of bastards. Give 'em a smoke bomb and slip away while they're choking.
    Give 'em a smoke bomb!

Arno and Bellec scaled the nearby building.

  • Bellec: Time to go.
    Let's move, pisspot.

Arno and Bellec sneaked up behind two guards.

  • Bellec: Time to earn your keep.

Arno threw a smoke bomb, allowing him and Bellec to silently assassinate the two guards, running away afterwards.

  • Bellec: (Shit). Patriots. These imbeciles will pick a fight with anyone. Try not to draw their attention.
  • Arno: Shouldn't we stop them?
  • Bellec: Stop them, avoid them, it doesn't matter. There's always more fanatics. You can't save everyone, pisspot.
  • Arno: Well there's a cheery thought.
  • Extremist 1: Heads up, lads! Remy found (Mister) Arpinon's body in a courtyard not far from here. Stabbed through the throat.
  • Extremist 2: (Shit). Spread out men! Keep your eyes open!

Arno and Bellec scaled a nearby building and freeran through the houses in Paris.

  • Bellec: Careful pisspot, you'll hurt someone!
    I'll still be running when you're dead.
    You call that a run?
  • Arno: Just trying not to strain your heart!
    Need a break?

Arno and Bellec reached the Assassin headquarters tunnel.

  • Arno: I can't believe this! We've not seen Sivert for a year, and you're letting him walk? All because his name wasn't on a bloody piece of paper?
  • Bellec: The timing is not right. Too many variables. Too many loose threads.
  • Arno: And if we lose him again?
  • Bellec: He'll be at Notre Dame tomorrow if he keeps to the schedule we found.
  • Arno: You might have shared that earlier.

Arno and Bellec entered the Assassin headquarters.

  • Arno: So what happens next?
  • Bellec: We take this ledger full of Templar records to Mirabeau, who proceeds to do nothing with it.
  • Arno: You don't seem terribly fond of him.
  • Bellec: He's a politician. Sees himself as a great peacemaker. He thinks he can end the war between Assassins and Templars, bring the Revolution to a happy conclusion, and convince dogs and cats to live together in peace.
  • Arno: And that's... bad?
  • Bellec: It's a self-aggrandizing pipe dream. The Templars are at their weakest since Jacques de Molay burned, and we're running around after second rate smugglers! All because Mirabeau wants to secure his legacy.
  • Arno: (Mister) De La Serre believed a truce was possible.
  • Bellec: And look where it got him.

Arno and Bellec reached the Council Chamber.

  • Bellec: The customs agents of France can rest easy. Arpinon is dead.
  • Mirabeau: Shaking down imprisoned nobles seems a bit out of his oeuvre. What are the Templars up to?
  • Bellec: If we hadn't spent the last year hobbled by your damned truce, we might know that.
  • Beylier: He has a point, Honoré. The truce was with Grand Master De La Serre.
  • Trenet: The man's been dead for two years! Whoever is in charge now, you can be certain they aren't sitting idle.
  • Arno: We might have learned more had we not allowed Sivert to escape.
  • Mirabeau: Sivert was there?
  • Arno: I know your heart is set on keeping the peace, but bringing (Mister) De La Serre's killer to justice would count for something, wouldn't it?
  • Mirabeau: Yes, it would. But do not confuse your personal vendetta with a sound strategy.
  • Bellec: If he wants to kill Templars, let him kill Templars. I've taught him all I can. The boy is ready.
  • Mirabeau: Very well. Assassin, I charge you to go to Notre Dame de Paris, and to find there, the Templar agent Charles Gabriel Sivert. You will learn his secrets, and when you have done so, you will bring him peace, in accordance with our tenets.


Arno was tasked with finding and assassinating Charles Gabriel Sivert at Notre-Dame.


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