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Gozlin (died 887) was a Bishop of Paris who became one of its defenders alongside Count Odo and his twin brother Ebels during the city's siege by a group of Vikings between 885 and 886.[2] Secretly, Gozlin was a member of the Bellatores Dei, a religious group of zealots that followed the preachings of Isidore Mercator.[3]


Although there is little found about Gozlin, the bishop happened to be an upstanding member and noble of Francia. Gozlin was part of a duo of warrior-priests, alongside his brother, Ebels, as well as leader of Francia's priesthood.[4] During his time, Gozlin happened to be more restrained and pious, in comparison to his brother.

The Siege of Paris

Before the siege took place, Gozlin appeared besides Count Odo, who was addressing the crowd about the Northerners and their faith in their God. After Odo's speech ended, Gozlin looked towards in the distance and signaled Odo to look as well. Gozlin saw two Northerners, Vikings jarl Sigfred of the Elgring Clan and jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan, watching from afar near a tower. With Gozlin's help, Odo sent guards after the Vikings, while Odo and Gozlin soon left the area.[5]

After a while, at Odo's festivity at the Manoir des Fleurs Rouges, Gozlin appeared alongside the Count to help convince Frankish nobles to aid for siege preparations. Unknown to ones in the meeting, Eivor eavesdropped on the conversation. After Odo finished the meeting, Gozlin escorted the nobles out of Odo's study, while Odo and Eivor started to talk afterwards.[6]

Time passed as a rally for an execution took place nearby Defender's Rest. On the execution stage, Gozlin, alongside his brother, Ebels, escorted a man to be publicly executed, while in the distance, Viking leaders Sigfred and Eivor watched. Gozlin addressed the crowd and detailed why the man was facing the execution axe and how he and Ebels were God's warriors. Gozlin wanted to dictate his reasons, but Ebels proved to be impatient and executed the man early.[4]

Once the Vikings commenced the siege, Gozlin, alongside Ebels and Count Odo, awaited their intruders behind the southern entrance gate of the Île de la Cité. Gozlin received a nod from Odo, who left the brothers in charge of their soldiers. Gozlin and Ebels met the Vikings face to face. Gozlin read aloud a prayer in order to boost morale and faith of God's protection, only to be met with Sigfred's retort. Gozlin was then signaled by his brother, Ebels, to leave, as Ebels was left to fight against Eivor and her warriors.[7]

Inside the church of Saint-Étienne during the siege with other townsfolk, Gozlin tried to calm down the people inside and to convince them it was part of the plan and Charles would be coming. The people were in disbelief over Gozlin's words. Nevertheless, Gozlin was attacked and seemingly died at the hands of the Viking Eivor. Gozlin was surrounded by the people in the church as word spread over him dying during the siege.[2]


Time passed, and at the Villa of Amiens, Richardis faced a trial by fire in 887, but soon Eivor arrived to save her. However, a beaten but alive Gozlin appeared from the crowd to stop Eivor. Gozlin shocked Eivor and was told to stand down. Gozlin reached and pulled out his greatsword and let vengeful cries for Ebels, Little Mother, and Engelwin. Despite having Frankish soldiers fighting by his side, Gozlin was defeated by Eivor while Richardis was spared a fiery death from the rain. Gozlin stood up and declared his role as part of the Bellatores Dei, but was cut down instantly by Eivor and her axe. Gozlin was later given his last rites by Richardis, who prayed for his lost soul.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • During the siege, Eivor may have an opportunity to "kill" him using the faulty architecture within the church by using the unstable cross or attacked him through combat.
  • Historically, Gozlin, or Joscelin, died in the year of 886, but the manner of death was varied, as either through dying during the siege, physical exhaustion, or disease from some unknown plague.



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