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Gotarzes was a 5th century BCE pirate and the younger brother of Xenia, a pirate leader on the Greek island of Keos.


Gotarzes and his sister were raised by their mother after their father left at some point.[1] Before his father left, the armor in his possession was left to Gotarzes.[2] By the Peloponnesian War, Gotarzes and Xenia had become pirates, with Gotarzes supporting his older sister and captaining a ship himself. Among the population of Keos, however, Gotarzes was regarded as a lost cause, as his travels were often filled with mishaps and accidents.[3]

At some point around 430 BCE, after his ship was marooned on Lestris, Gotarzes' crew mutinied, and attempted to eliminate him. Before they could, however, the Spartan misthios Kassandra found them and rescued Gotarzes, returning him to Koressia to the delight of Xenia. As a reward for rescuing his brother, Xenia forced Gortazes to give the armor he had inherited from their father to Kassandra.[2]


  • The name Gotarzes is actually the Hellenization of the Parthian name Gōtarz.
    • Based on this information, it is possible that both Gotarzes and Xenia have both Persian and Greek heritage, as he shares his name with two Parthian kings.
  • Despite being Kassandra's ally through Xenia, Gotarzes can be knocked out and recruited as a lieutenant on the Adrestia.
  • Gotarzes can be knocked out and recruited after Lost and Found. Otherwise, he'll remain in Koressia, fighting with soldiers and Wild boars. And striking at Anaximander after Priceless Treasure is completed.




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