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Gotafrid Fairrobes (died 870s) was a Norse drengr who served under Ragnar Lothbrok in the Great Heathen Army alongside five trusted lieutenants during the raids that were part of the Viking expansion into England.


Gotafrid was a celebrated drengr who was personally taught by Ragnar to keep his dignity both in battle and in his equipment's upkeep. Gotafrid would maintain this "self-respect" even after Ragnar's passing.[1]

After the death of his friend and leader, Gotafrid was left wandering England without a cause or goal.[2] He sought a warrior willing to take part in a honorable and clean battle to the death. Eventually, he encountered the shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan, who accepted his challenge. After a long fight, Eivor managed to defeat him, ending his life and sending him to meet with Ragnar in Valhalla.[1]



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