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Gorm Kjotvesson (died c. 875), also known as The Keel, was the elder brother of Hrolfr[2] and son to Kjotve the Cruel. A Maegester of the Order of the Ancients' Wardens of War, Gorm was involved in a project for the Order called Vinland.[3]


In mid-872, Gorm accompanied his father and younger brother to the southern mountains of Rygjafylke in search of treasure.[2] Eivor Varinsdottir and Vikings from her clan were hunting Kjotve and tracked Gorm and his father to an abandoned hunting meadhall on the mountain summit, where they caught up with them. Hoping to recover important scrolls after killing both men, the Vikings attacked the pair but were soon overcome and heavily wounded, prompting Kjotve and Gorm to escape with the scrolls. Although incensed at their defeat, Eivor advised to wait for another chance to meet Kjotve.[4]

In 872, Gorm attended an althing called by Harald Fairhair in Alrekstad, and despite his unwelcome presence, tried to swear fealty to Harald. When his offer was rejected, he accused Eivor of poisoning Kjotve, denying him the glorious death for entry into Valhalla. However, this was proven false by Harald himself, who said that his uncle Guthorm had seen Kjotve's death firsthand. He invited Eivor to decide Gorm's fate, and as punishment, Gorm was renamed "Worm" and exiled on pain of death.[5]

By 875, Gorm had joined his father's branch of the Order of the Ancients and rose through its ranks, becoming its Maegester. During his tenure as Maesgester, Gorm came into possession of a Crystal Ball that spoke to him. Following directions given through the artifact by the Isu Juno, Gorm brought the artifact to Vinland. Gorm and his men sought to acquire the Grand Temple the Crystal Ball directed them to and brought slave laborers to work in camps in pursuit of it. Gorm's old rival from Norway, Eivor, tracked Gorm to Vinland with help of the Hidden One Hytham.[6] There, she infiltrated Gorm's camp and killed him, whereupon she experienced a vision in which Gorm was condemned to "fade to mist [and] be forgotten" for eternity in Niflheim.[1] With Gorm dead, Eivor recovered the artifact and gave it to new owners, the Kanien'kehá:ka of Karonhiakèn:iate'.[7]


  • Gorm is one of only two Order members who are given a surname, with the other member being Yohanes Loukas.

Behind the scenes

While Gorm's father, Kjotve, is a historically attested individual, Gorm himself is not. Kjotve did however have a different historically attested son, Thor Haklang, who died in the Battle of Hafrsfjord and has not appeared or been mentioned in any Assassin's Creed media.



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