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This article is about Gods of the Aegean Sea, a branch of the Cult of Kosmos. You may be looking for The Gods of the Aegean Sea, the memory of Kassandra.
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"We are the waves."

The Gods of the Aegean Sea was a name given to those members of the Cult of Kosmos that operated on the Aegean Sea, Greece's doorway to the world. The members of this branch sought to control everything and everyone moving in the sea.



  • The Cultists of this branch are among the few whose deaths do not have to be "confirmed" by the player; as each of them is fought at sea, the player can simply sink their ships by cleaving them or shooting them with one final volley of javelins or arrows, thus avoiding a lengthy boarding battle. The rewards specific to killing them are the same, with the only affected rewards being the potential spoils that come from boarding a ship versus sinking it immediately.



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