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Godfrey (fl. 1769 — 1781) was a Scottish lumberjack who resided within the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolution, with his wife Catherine and his children.


Early life and Meeting Connor[]

At his wedding to Catherine, Godfrey's brother Joseph (Nicknamed Jo) had erupted into a brawl with one of his friend Terry's cousins over a young woman's "dance card." Joseph threw Terry's cousin in the river, and danced with the woman as his rival sat sadly on a stump.[1]

Prior to residing on the Homestead, Godfrey and his Terry set up a camp north of Champlain, New York with their wives and children, as they had been hoping to open a mill in the area at the time.[2] Godfrey described the distance from their camp to the Davenport Homestead as a "few rods" away.[3]

One day, while the two were directing logs, Terry fell in the river and was in danger of going over a nearby waterfall. On Godfrey's call for help at the Homestead manor, a young Connor saved Terry, then offered the both of them a place on the Homestead to set up a sawmill. The pair then provided the place with lumber, which could be sold or crafted into wooden items to raise income.[3]

Life on the Homestead[]

Godfrey and Terry had erected a Bowls' field on the Homestead for their leisure. Terry believed he could finally beat Godfrey in something, but still failed, although he insisted that he was winning until Connor came along.[4]

Following a thief's attempt to rob Terry's home on the Homestead,[5] Godfrey and Terry erupted into a brawl over who was at fault for leaving the houses unattended. Connor broke them up, and Godfrey later revealed he wasn't troubled by the incident, saying he could "set the calendar by these events" and harbored no ill will toward his friend.[6]

Godfrey later introduced Oliver and Corrine to Connor - calling him the "Lord of the manor" - when they first arrived at the Homestead, recommending them highly and eventually helping provide the wood to build their inn.[7]

Some time after, when Father Timothy arrived at the Homestead and revealed that he came from London, Godfrey chuckled, as he had little regard for the British. He would later warm to Timothy, seeking the priest's assistance in reading various letters.[8]

Godfrey helped defend Ellen and Maria from an attack by Quincent,[9] and assisted in the fight against British troops attempting to capture David Walston.[10] He also attended Norris and Myriam's wedding and celebrated at the reception, where he recounted the story of a brawl between his brother and Terry's cousin at his own wedding.[1] Godfrey was later present at the funeral of Achilles Davenport, and laid a rose on his coffin.[11]

Alternate timeline[]

The Signal 2

Godfrey meeting Ratonhnhaké:ton in an alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline where George Washington crowned himself king of the United States with an Apple of Eden, Godfrey worked as a spy for Thomas Jefferson in New York.[12]

On the advice of Jefferson, Ratonhnhaké:ton rendezvoused with Godfrey and together they devised a plan to destroy explosives in Fort George as a signal to begin an attack on George Washington's palace.[12]

Personality and traits[]

Both Godfrey and Catherine were illiterate, as they required Father Timothy's help to read a letter received from Catherine's family regarding the death of Catherine's brother. They also required Father Timothy to read a letter sent from Godfrey's sister, who had given birth to a daughter, Eleanor. Godfrey rejoiced at the news of his niece's birth, calling her a "wee bairn," which means "small child."

Godfrey smoked a pipe, as he was seen puffing on one in the Mile's End from time to time. Godfrey was also an alcoholic, as he was seen stumbling back to his home from the Mile's End at times, clutching a bottle. While Godfrey and David Walston arm-wrestled in the Mile's End, they both evenly matched each other and forfeited, calling it a "gentlemen's draw."

Behind the scenes[]

The clothes worn by Godfrey were re-used for multiple lumberjacks in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Rogue.




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