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This article is about a quest on Mykonos. You may be looking for Goddess of the Hunt, the timed side quest.
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Goddess of the Hunt was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was directed by Praxos to the Altar of Artemis, where Kyra was at.


Kassandra returned to the Porphyrion Cave looking for Kyra. Praxos called out to her as she approached.

  • Praxos: Misthios! I have message for you.

She asked him where Kyra was.

  • Kassandra: I'm looking for Kyra.
  • Praxos: Not here. Gone hunting. Wants you with her, she said.
  • Kassandra: I'm in. Where is she?
  • Praxos: Praying to the gods for a good hunt. The Altar of Artemis. East from here, on the north bit of Tavern Point.
  • Kassandra: Thanks.

Kassandra set off for the altar. As she drew close, she heard Kyra praying.

  • Kyra: Keen-eyed Artemis, guide my bow.
  • Kyra: I pray to you with all my heart that Kassandra doesn't scare off the animals with her heavy footsteps.
  • Kassandra: I thought I was being quiet.
  • Kyra: If that was you being quiet, we'll have nothing but trampled grass to eat for dinner.

Kassandra complimented the altar.

  • Kassandra: Nice altar.
  • Kyra: The flowers remind me of sweeter days.
  • Kyra: But your real concern should be, how skilled are you with that bow?

  • Kassandra: I don't need to pray to the gods to hit my targets.
  • Kyra: They've been known to disguise themselves as animals. I just like to warn them I'm coming.
  • Kyra: Because I always hit my targets.

  • Kassandra: I've seen you hunt. You don't need my help.
  • Kyra: Oh, I bet you capture any prey you lock those sharp eyes with.

  • Kassandra: Sounds like a challenge.
  • Kyra: Come. the ibex is swift. We're not going to catch any by standing and chatting.

The two traveled to the hunting grounds.

  • Kyra: There's a spot down here where I used to hunt as a young girl. It was hunt or starve in those days.
  • Kassandra: Same for me. I started by catching and cooking rodents.
  • Kyra: Ha! They make a good soup. But look how far you've come.
  • Kassandra: How far we've come.

They reached the hunting grounds.

  • Kyra: There. Isn't it beautiful?
  • Kassandra: It is. Now show me how you use that bow.

As Kassandra effortlessly hunted the ibexes, Kyra had various compliments for her.

  • Kassandra: This was a great idea. I'm glad you invited me.
  • Kyra: I'm glad you accepted.
  • Kyra: Artemis smiles on you.
  • Kassandra: Tell Artemis I've got my eye on someone else.
  • Kyra: Don't make her jealous!
  • Kyra: Your form is perfect.
  • Kassandra: With the bow?
  • Kyra: That too.
  • Kyra: You're skilled with a bow.
  • Kassandra: Among other things.
  • Kyra: Excellent shot!

Kassandra took down three in total, which provided sufficient viands for the rebels.

  • Kyra: My people will be well fed, and the gods will have their sacrifice, thanks to you.
  • Kassandra: You're a great hunter. Why did you actually want me here?
  • Kyra: Don't be naive. There's something between us, even though I know I shouldn't act on it.
  • Kassandra: Because you love Thaletas.

(Romance conditions met)

  • Kyra: Or at least I thought I did... until you arrived.

They smiled at each other.

  • Kyra: The hunt clears my mind to reflect on the words that passed between us.
  • Kassandra: Is that a good thing?
  • Kyra: I know a spot down by the water. It's quiet. We'd be alone. What do you say?

  • Kassandra: I'm all yours.


  • Kassandra: We still have that wine I gave you. Bring it.

They headed for Kyra's spot on the beach.

  • Kyra: Delians have suffered for so long. This is the first time I've felt happiness since the war began.
  • Kassandra: You can bring that to your people. These islands deserve peace—so do you.
  • Kyra: And what about you? When this is all done, we could always use another set of capable hands.
  • Kassandra: My journey isn't over yet, but I may settle down some day.
  • Kyra: You can do many things, misthios. But settle down? I'm not so sure.
  • Kassandra: Another challenge?
  • Kyra: Stop looking to the future to be happy, when true happiness is right in front of you. You taught me that.

They reached the spot. They spent the night drinking, laughing, and sharing stories. Kassandra wrapped up one of hers.

(Default story)

  • Kassandra: So, the pirate has one blade at my throat and one at my stomach, and he says, "How do you want to die, misthios, fast or slow?"
  • Kyra: My gods, what did you do?
  • Kassandra: He was so focused on me, he never noticed my spear in his leg. He was dead before he knew what happened.
  • Kyra: His leg?
  • Kassandra: A little trick my mater taught me.

(The Sokratic Method completed)

  • Kyra: No!
  • Kassandra: So, Sokrates turns around, and everyone who was trapped in the conversation had wandered off.
  • Kyra: Ha! You mean escaped.
  • Kassandra: Exactly. He's not so bad. You just need to know how to handle him.
  • Kyra: Is that what this is? You know how to handle me?

Kassandra's glanced around nervously.

  • Kyra: Relax. I'm joking.
  • Kassandra: Ha! Yeah. Good one.

(Grin and Bear It completed)

  • Kyra: No!
  • Kassandra: So I finally get to the beach, and find this giant bear had eaten the crew of smugglers.
  • Kyra: A bear? By Callisto, what did you do?
  • Kassandra: Well... I killed it. What else could I do? It would've torn me to shreds.
  • Kyra: Ha! I'm starting to think no one is safe from that spear of yours. And what of the woman?

(If Iola lived)

  • Kassandra: I spared her. She's probably halfway to Lakonia by now.

(If Iola died)

  • Kassandra: She attacked me... on Delos! The sacred soil's never seen so much action.

Kyra felt at ease talking to Kassandra.

  • Kyra: Why is it so easy to talk with you?

  • Kassandra: Because we've lived similar lives, been through similar struggles... Even though we grew up so far apart.

  • Kassandra: Wine always helps loosen the tongue.
  • Kyra: It does.

  • Kyra: I want you, Kassandra. Here. Now. Under the stars.

  • Kassandra: I've wanted you since I laid eyes on you.

The two made love under the stars. The next morning, Kassandra stood and stared out at the sea.

  • Kassandra: Mykonos is definitely my favorite island.
  • Kyra: And you're my favorite misthios.

(If players chose "We should tell Thaletas.")

  • Kassandra: Thaletas should know about this.
  • Kyra: He will. In time. For now he needs to focus on the rebellion.
  • Kassandra: So do we.
  • Kyra: But first...

Kyra pinned Kassandra to a nearby stone wall and kissed her passionately.
(If players chose "We should keep this to ourselves.")

  • Kassandra: Thaletas can't know about this.
  • Kyra: I agree. In time, he will. For now he needs to focus on the rebellion.
  • Kassandra: So do we.
  • Kyra: But first...

Kyra pinned Kassandra to a nearby stone wall and kissed her passionately.

  • Kassandra: Kyra, I'm flattered.
  • Kyra: But you don't want me.
  • Kassandra: You're beautiful, and brave, and strong. The people of Delos are lucky to have you fighting for them.
  • Kassandra: But us laying together wouldn't be right.

Kyra nodded and raised her wine cup.

  • Kyra: To new friendships, then.
  • Kassandra: To friendship.

The two friends continued drinking and sharing stories well into the night.

  • Kassandra: I know where this is going... Kyra, I came here to do a job, and that's it.
  • Kyra: Oh. No, of course. I'm a rebel leader. You're a mercenary. I... get it. I do. I should gather the spoils of the hunt and get back to my people.

Kyra offered some of the spoils to Kassandra.

  • Kyra: Take some with you. It's as much yours as it is mine.

  • Kassandra: Thanks. But I'm not hungry.

  • Kassandra: Thanks. But your people need it more than I do.

(Romance conditions not met)

  • Kyra: And I always will.
(Additionally, if Kyra's secret was made public during "M" for Murder)
  • Kassandra: You... But you just said...
  • Kyra: You've been of great help to me, Kassandra, and for that I'm thankful. There is something between us, but it died when you gave me pater's doll in front of my people.
  • Kyra: I should gather the spoils of the hunt and get back to my people.

Kyra offered some of the spoils to Kassandra.

  • Kyra: Take some with you. It's as much yours as it is mine.

  • Kassandra: Thanks. But I'm not hungry.

  • Kassandra: Thanks. But your people need it more than I do.


Kassandra participated in a hunting session with Kyra.


  • Completing the romance with Kyra locks out Thaletas' Hearts of War quest, and vice versa. However, the player can refuse to complete the romance after drinking and talking into the night, causing them to drink to new friendships instead. This provides the XP benefit of completing the quest while leaving 'Hearts of War' available.
  • Fulfilling the romance conditions requires choosing at least two of the following three Flirt options: the one at the end of Kyra with a Cause ("Spend some time with you."); the one available when accepting Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money ("I'm happy to see you."); the one at the end of 'Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money' ("Why don't you?").
    • A fourth Flirt option is available by obtaining the Athenian Wine from the Tomb of Brizo near the Kynthos Ruins and giving it to Kyra. The only chance to give it to her is at the conclusion of 'Kyra with a Cause,' and it comes before "Spend some time with you.")
      • Giving her the wine provides a different response when agreeing to join Kyra at her secret spot on the beach, but choosing "Why don't you?" at the end of 'Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money' switches the hero's response back to the default.
    • If Hades, Meet Podarkes or Call to Arms is completed before completing Kyra's preceding quests, this quest becomes available immediately, and the romance conditions are considered met, unless the player has already exhausted all conversations with Kyra and not taken enough Flirt options. This indicates that the game automatically sets every outstanding Flirt option to "taken" in the process of auto-completing Kyra's quest line.
  • If Kyra's parentage was made public at the end of "M" for Murder prior to this quest, she will refuse to indulge her feelings for the hero. However, publicizing her parentage after agreeing to join her on the beach does not end it, as that dialogue check has already been crossed, allowing the romance to proceed normally. There is even unique dialogue during A Night to Remember referencing that Kyra has chosen to remain with the hero in spite of this revelation.
  • The story the hero tells is dependent on the completion of The Sokratic Method and/or Grin and Bear It. If both quests are complete, the story for 'Grin and Bear It' will supersede the one for 'The Sokratic Method.'
  • Upon completing all three of 'Hades, Meet Podarkes,' '"M" for Murder,' and 'Call to Arms,' this quest will no longer be available.


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