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Glory for Athens was an altered representation of fragmented genetic memories.


General Heraclius, the remaining top General of the Spartan forces targeting Athens, is stationed in a remote Boeotian city.

Based on the intelligence we intercepted, he is planning a dangerous assault on Athens from a secure hideout surrounded by Spartan troops.

If we eliminate Heraclius before he can lead his men to battle, we will ensure an Athenian triumph! Let us prove our greatness, and show Heraclius what true heroes can do.


The Misthios facing the Spartan General Heraclius.

  • General Heraclius: Misthios! You are the Athenians' favorite pet, are you not? How did you get in here? No matter, I will send you to Hades to repent for what you did to Eustace and Erastos! And before your body turn cold, I will already be on my way to crush your Athenian masters with the might of Sparta! Now die!


The misthios sent by Athenians eventually killed general Heraclius and brought glory to Athens.


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