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"In the beginning, when we thought we could be saved, we sought to face the sun's wrath and contain it. Four towers would be built–to pull her fury into this place and dispel it."
―Juno, 2012.[src]-[m]

Desmond activating the device

The global aurora borealis device[1] was an Isu device constructed in the Grand Temple with the aim of preventing the Great Catastrophe and the 2012 coronal mass ejection.[2]

Initially considered a failed solution due to the fact that the process of constructing the necessary facilities would take too long to prevent the Great Catastrophe, the eventual automation of the process would allow for the device to prevent the Second Disaster in 2012 CE.[2]


During her imprisonment in the Grand Temple, Juno tampered with the device so that upon activation it would free her consciousness from the Grand Temple, and manipulated Desmond Miles, a human with a sufficient amount of Isu DNA, into using it, so that she would be released. In the meantime, Minerva constructed a second Eye to commune with Desmond on 21 December 2012 to see if he found a way to prevent the catastrophe.[2]

Seeing that Juno had survived and manipulated Desmond into using the device, Minerva warned him not to activate the device, believing it would be better if the world endured another apocalypse than allow Juno to be freed. Desmond disagreed, stating that Minerva's solution would offer no hope to the world and that humanity would find a way to resist Juno's efforts, before activating the device and saving the world, at the cost of his own life and unleashing Juno in the process.[2]

Only hours later, Abstergo agents recovered Desmond's body from the room. However, the device had disappeared from its pedestal.[2]



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