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Glöð was an Isu, being the half-jötnar bastard son of the Muspel leader Surtr.[1]


Invasion of Svartalfheim

During the Muspels' invasion of Svartálfaheimr in the lead up to the Great Catastrophe, Glöð commanded a troop searching for relics hidden underground by the Dwarves. Later, his forces captured Ivaldi, who sought to contact other dwarves hidden in Dwarven Shelters, and the surviving dwarves either defected to the Muspel side or were forced into slavery digging for the artifacts.[1]

After the dwarf Fritjof was blinded by a bright light[1] upon recovering the Sunstone,[2] the Muspels brought it back to a seized palace where Glöð oversaw the operations. There, he forced the dwarf defector Einar to try and refuel the artifact. After several failed attempts at restarting the artifact, Glöð picked up Einar by the neck and began choking him, only for the Æsir leader Odin to leap at him from the rafters where he had been hiding. Furious at being interrupted, Glöð threw Einar to the side and fled through a portal with the artifact, but not before destroying the room's floor and making Odin and Einar fall into the Muspel hall below.[1]

Behind the scenes

Glöð is a mythical character first introduced in Dawn of Ragnarök, the March 2022 downloadable expansion for the 2020 video game Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. In it, Glöð is presented as a son of Surtr, in contrast to what is written in the legendary saga Þorsteins saga Víkingssonar, where Glöð is the wife of Logi, and mother of Eysa and Eimyrja. As the mythical Glöð is also not the daughter of Surtr, being instead the daughter of Grímr and Alvör, the character seems to only share a name and a jötunn background.[3]



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