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Give Our Respects was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra found a letter indicating the locations of several contingents of Order of Dominion soldiers throughout Messenia. Kassandra elected to find the soldiers and give them the "respect" they were due.


Atop the highest bastion of Mount Ithome Fort, Kassandra found a letter from Amorges addressed to the fort's captain.


Word has reached me of trouble between our troops in Messenia and the regrettable incident in Aipeia. I trust those involved were disciplined. It's fortunate my soldiers didn't sustain permanent injury, or I would be forced to take direct action. This has been a continuing problem, so let me address it now. How you or your men feel about my troops in Messenia is irrelevant. Either my soldiers are given the respect they require to fulfill their duties, or the conseuqences will be immediate and severe. I hope I am clear. To this end, I have sent four more trained contingents to ensure order in Aipeia is maintained. I expect them to be accorded the appropriate respect. We won't discuss this again.

– The Tusk

Kassandra scoffed at Amorges' missive.

  • Kassandra: Amorges wants respect for his soldiers. I'll give them some.

Ikaros spied the first two contingents of guards within Mount Ithome Fort itself, far below Kassandra on ground level. She made her way down to ground level and crept up on them.

  • Persian Soldier: Remember, mark the Greeks but don't engage. If a helot get in your way, kill 'em. Kill anyone. We can allow no disrespect.

Kassandra killed all of the Order soldiers and disrespectfully left their corpses to rot as she left the fort.

Kassandra continued on to the Stenyklaros Checkpoint to find the next contingent of guards.

  • Persian Soldier: Stay alert. The Greeks won't fight openly, but that doesn't mean they won't send arrows at us from the shadows.

With or without arrows, Kassandra killed all of the soldiers and moved on.

Kassandra's last stop was the Temple of Apollo Korythos overlooking Aipeia. The final contingent was stationed there.

  • Persian Soldier: Keep formation. You're Persian, not Greek. Tighten it up!

Regardless of their formation, Kassandra defeated all of the soldiers.


Kassandra located and killed the four contingents of Order soldiers Amorges had sent to Messenia.


  • The missive indicates four contingents of guards but only three locations. As the Mount Ithome Fort contains enough soldiers to fill the progress bar half way, whereas the other two locations fill it by a quarter each, it can be assumed that two contingents were at the fort.


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