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Giuletta: "Please... I had no choice!"
Ezio: "Leave Roma. I don't want to see you here again."
—Giuletta being banished by Ezio Auditore.[src]
ACB Giuletta

Giuletta in Rome

Giuletta was a traitorous courtesan in Rome and a spy for the Borgia. She first operated out of the Rosa in Fiore brothel before becoming independent.



Giuletta was a member of the Roman Courtesan Guild, and worked under Santino and Madonna Solari, the owners of the Rosa in Fiore brothel. When Madonna Solari was killed by the Cento Occhi, Giuletta remained an employee at the brothel when it was taken over by Claudia Auditore da Firenze.[1]


"We are taught to seduce Roma's most powerful men, but not all of us have been able to resist their charms."
―A courtesan speaking of Giuletta.[src]

Some time later, Giuletta was seduced by a wealthy Borgia-allied Roman. He became her benefactor in exchange for sexual favors, as well as information about the Courtesan Guild and Assassin Order.[1]

Old Habits Die Hard 5

Ezio banishing Giuletta from Rosa in Fiore

One of Giuletta's fellow courtesans eventually became suspicious of her, and notified Ezio Auditore da Firenze, telling him to follow her to her benefactor. Upon reaching the two as they met, Ezio killed Giuletta's benefactor and confronted her. Realizing she had been found out, Giuletta tried to convince Ezio that she did not know that the benefactor was Borgia affiliated, to which Ezio told her that she was no longer welcome in the Rosa in Fiore.[1]

From that point onward, Giuletta was scared of Ezio, and was hated by all her fellow courtesans. Due to this, she ran into the arms of another lover, a Spanish ambassador. This ambassador sold the secrets she offered to the church, once again endangering the Assassins' operations in Rome.[1]

Following this, one of the Rosa in Fiore's courtesans suggested that Ezio intimidate Giuletta so that she would lead him back to her lover, allowing Ezio to kill him once his identity was revealed. From there, Ezio approached Giuletta in the streets of Rome, and since Giuletta was more frightened than before, she pleaded for her life and swore that she could explain herself.[1]

Running Scared 3

Ezio assassinating the Spanish ambassador

Before Ezio could even consider her explanation, she immediately fled the scene, running away to the ambassador. Ezio chased after her, but she was able to impede him by calling out to Borgia guards to stop the Assassin.[1]

By the time Ezio caught up to her, the ambassador had emerged. The Assassin quickly killed him and then approached Giuletta again. Terrified for her life, Giuletta pleaded once more with Ezio, telling him that she had had no choice, though Ezio waved her excuses away and ordered her to leave Rome and never return.[1]


  • Giuletta is an Italian variant of the name Juliet, although Giulietta is more common. The names are derived from Greek ιουλος (ioulos), meaning 'downy-bearded'.
  • After completing the memory "Running Scared", Giuletta would walk around just like other courtesans. She could be attacked but not killed.
  • The color of Giuletta's dress was randomly generated.