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Giotto's Campanile (Italian: Campanile di Giotto) is the free standing bell-tower of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

One of the tallest structures in Florence, the Campanile accompanied the Santa Maria del Fiore, providing an impressive view of the city of Florence and beyond.

The campanile housed up to seven separate bells at one point, though in 1476, the upper levels of the Campanile had been emptied for renovation. Each windowed floor of the Campanile was spaced a distinctly separate distance from the former, so as to give the impression from the ground that all were equal.


The tower was built between 1334 and 1359; initially under the watch of Giotto di Bondone. When he died in 1337, the work on the tower was taken over by Andrea Pisano who died in 1348 due to the Plague Death.[1]

The tower was eventually completed by Francesco Talenti in 1359, who deviated from Giotto's plan in his design of the three upper floors. Each floor were enlarged to match the previous according to perspective, so, when seen from below, all three floors seem to be exactly the same size.[1]





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