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Gillian McCarthy was a Templar seductress who manipulated her way into the upper echelons of society, acquiring power and wealth even at the expense of her own family. Along with her younger brother, Fillian McCarthy, she grew up in the colonies of North America struggling to survive as a street urchin as a consequence of her parricide, but her disregard for his welfare and her allegiance to the Templars forever severed their relationship.


Born to a family of colonists in the New World, Gillian McCarthy murdered her parents at a young age. This self-inflicted orphanage forced her and her younger brother Fillian onto the streets in poverty, but the two soon came to adapt to their hostile circumstances and survive through their street smarts. Unlike her brother who relied on robbery, Gillian embraced the art of seduction to curry favors with men of status and power.[1]

As some of the politicians she captivated were Templars, she was offered a place in their ranks at the price of Fillian.[2] She seized upon this opportunity for social advancement, supposedly convinced by the Templar' cause, but in the process sparking an irreparable rift with her brother. From that moment on, the two diverged on separate paths, Gillian for the Templars, and Fillian eventually for the Assassins.[1]

In 2012, her genetic memories were utilized as an avatar for their Animus game console by Abstergo Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Templar company Abstergo Industries, under the title Lady Maverick.[2] True to their scheme to influence the general public, Abstergo lauded Gillian for her strength in overcoming her low-class with her charm and wits and omitted any reference to Templars or her murder of her family.[1]

Personality and traits

Even as a child, Gillian McCarthy embodied a heartless nature,[2] having been personally responsible for the deaths her own parents. Growing up cooperating with her brother to survive in poverty failed to nurture in her any love for the boy that was the last remaining member of her family. By the time she was a young woman pledging herself to the Templars, she was willing to sell the life of her brother for as little as a can of beans.[1]

Being bereft of empathy did not hinder Gillian's natural talent for manipulation. With her beauty and wiles alone, she was able to seduce her way from the dredges of society into the hearts of the most powerful of men. Although she swore herself to the Templar cause, her true motive was always the attainment of more power and wealth. She had no qualms about employing deception to achieve her ends, hiding her ruthless personality under a charming veneer.[1]

In spite of this, Abstergo held that she was a determined individual who proved her resilience in challenging destitution and surmounting it. As a Templar agent whose chief means involved luring her victims to their demise, she favored a poignard that was small enough to be hidden in a purse.[1]


  • In Erudito's hacked version of her Abstergo file, it makes mention that Gillian "sold her brother for a can of beans." How literal this account is meant to be and whether it is a hyperbole on Erudito's part is unclear. Her file therefore implies that her break with Fillian owes to this incident where she bartered him away for food. However, her description in the character select menu suggests that the price for which she sold her brother was greater, lending her wealth and power. On the other hand, Fillian's own file alongside his description in the character select menu makes it clear that the primary cause for their fallout was her joining with the Templars, but it is not impossible for these two accounts to coexist.
  • In her description in the character select menu, a sentence reads "the Lady Maverick traded wealth and power for her only remaining family, the Robber." Going by what is known about her character, this line seems to have been incorrectly inverted; the intended meaning should most likely be "the Lady Maverick traded her only remaining family, the Robber, for wealth and power".




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