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Gilbert-Antoine de Saint Maxent (1724 – 1794) was a French merchant and military officer that lived in New Orleans during the 18th century. A wily businessman, he played a major role in the development of Louisiana and would eventually become one of its most affluent citizens.


Born in France in 1724, Maxent immigrated to New Orleans at the age of 23 and enlisted in the military. Roughly two years later, he married the wealthy Elizabeth La Roche, using the dowry to open up a shop so he could supply fur traders.[1]

In early 1765, Maxent's business was faced with several shipments that were being stolen. In response, Philippe de Grandpré, one of Maxent's business partners, soon sent an envoy in the form of Gérald Blanc to investigate the issue. The two discussed the problem, with Maxent accusing the captain of the ship from which the goods had disappeared, though the young accountant was reluctant to confront the man.[2]

However, this conversation had been overheard by Aveline de Grandpré, Philippe's rebellious daughter and an Assassin. Utilizing her charisma, she managed to charm the ship captain, allowing her to steal documents detailing the goods' location while he was distracted. Upon receiving the news that the shipments had been recovered, Maxent thanked Aveline and promised her father a considerable discount.[2]

When West Louisiana was handed over to the Spanish, Gilbert-Antoine was the first Frenchman to voice his support for the new governor, Antonio de Ulloa. This resulted in his imprisonment within his own plantation during the Louisiana Rebellion in 1768, while the governor was being ousted. Following the reclaiming of the colony by the Spanish in 1769, Gilbert-Antoine's daughter, Marie Elizabeth, married the next Spanish governor, Luis de Unzaga.[1]

The Last Dance 2

Maxent and Aveline at the Capitán's Ball

In 1776, Maxent and one of his daughters, Marie Felicité, attended the Capitán's ball, a prominent soirée. There, he and one of his associates discussed the economic benefits they were reaping from the American Revolution, particularly the smuggling of goods to the Patriots. They were then joined by Aveline, whom Maxent engaged in polite conversation, inquiring after her father's health and praising her interest in business.[2]

For his actions during the American Revolutionary War, Maxent was named Commandant of the Militia of Louisiana, Lt. Governor of the Providence of Louisiana and West Florida, and Captain-General of the new Bureau of Indian Affairs of Louisiana and West Florida.[1]


  • Maxent's database entry in Abstergo Entertainment's Liberation product was the only one to not have been edited in any way, likely due to Maxent not playing a part in the conflict between the Assassins and the Templars.




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