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"I used The Order to live a life of ale-drinking, but the price of my ale was murder. Sad really."
―Gifle's final moments, 870s.[src]-[m]

Gifle (died 870s), also known as The Ash-Spear, was an Anglo-Saxon member of the Order of the Ancients's Wardens of Wealth sect during 9th century, holding the title Palatinus. Gifle worked alongside bandits at a camp near Britannia's Watch.


A weird inclusion of the Order, Gifle never cared about the rules and hierarchy of the organization. Nevertheless, Gifle saw that after the Order's bidding, he attained a great amount of freedom filled with mead and debauchery. With his combat skills and shrewd decisions, Gilfe rose to the rank of Palatinus and began to create relationships between various groups of bandits and use them for the Order's desires.[1]

During the 870s, the title, The Ash-Spear, was found when the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir discovered a clue. The first clue of three dictated of a tall Roman tower northeast of Northwic in East Anglia. At the tower, a note was seen within a bandit camp, on top of a cart of goods. The second clue stated that one needed to investigate a bandit camp between Britannia's Watch and Thetford Village. Within this camp, the final clue was found on a nearby bench in the camp. The clue stated the location and identity of The Ash-Spear, whose name was Gifle. Gifle's location was revealed to be at the tip of Thetford's Forest, south of Roman ruins near Britannia's Watch. At another bandit camp, Gifle was among the bandits and talking with them. Quickly, Gifle was assassinated him within the camp. Greatly damaging the ties between bandit groups and the Order, Gifle's death provided Eivor with his medallion from his personal effects.[1]


  • The first clue of The Ash-Spear can be obtained from either killing the Zealot Wuffa or assassinating The Lathe.
  • Gilfe's reason for his role in the Order was purely personal, as his need for money and mead was more important than his belief in the Order's tenets. His situation greatly resembles Thomas Hickey of the Colonial Rite in Assassin's Creed III.