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Ghupa was an Egyptian man, who worked as an informant for Harkhuf in Sais during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Ghupa was the father of Maharet, who later married Taharqa, the steward of Letopolis and a member of the Order of the Ancients. He would later become a grandfather to Kawab. Sometime prior to 48 BCE, Ghupa became an informant of the town's brewer, Harkhuf, to investigate the Scarab who had been terrorizing the Nile Delta with violence and fear. Through his investigations, he was able to identify the Scarab as being the driving force behind the town's governor Sefetu and his tyrannical rule.[1]

Before he could report to Harkhuf however, he was abducted by soldiers on the Scarab's orders. Ghupa was nearly beaten to death and his tongue cut out before being thrown onto the streets. However, he was eventually found by Taharqa, who brought him home. Sometime thereafter, Ghupa infiltrated a military camp southeast of Sais to uncover more information, discovering that the Scarab was mobilising soldiers to Letopolis, where Taharqa was based out of. However, the soldiers discovered his act, leading him to suffer beatings from the soldiers and thrown into the cage.[2]

Ghupa's activities were noticed by the townsfolk, who gossiped about them, and him, freely around the town.[1]

Ghupa, Maharet, Kawab and Bayek at the formers' home

The Medjay Bayek of Siwa, sent to investigate the Scarab by Apollodorus and Cleopatra, was able to discover Ghupa's whereabouts, rescue and bring him back to his home in Sais. Ghupa instructed Kawab to pass a parchment to Bayek, thus letting Bayek know of the Scarab's operations in Letopolis.[2]

Later, Ghupa was able to deduce Taharqa's identity as being the Scarab, however, as his tongue was cut out, he was unable to expose Taharqa's identity. Later, he, along with Maharet and Kawab joined Taharqa and Bayek in Letopolis for dinner. Bayek eventually learned of Taharqa's identity and assassinated him in the Temple of Horus. Before leaving, he entrusted Ghupa to take care of Maharet and Kawab and explain to them the reason for his actions.[3]




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