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The Ghost Club is a paranormal investigation and research organization, founded in London in 1862.


In 1868, the novelist Charles Dickens invited the twin Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye to join the Ghost Club and help debunk several mysteries across the city, which apparently stemmed from paranormal causes. Among these mysteries was the supposed return of Spring-heeled Jack, an entity who was attacking civilians in the city's poorer districts.[1]

Despite initially believing to have debunked the theory that Spring-heeled Jack had returned, discovering the attacks to be the work of a local cult, the Ghost Club was ultimately unable to definitively disprove the possibility of a spirit being responsible.[1][2]

Another mystery was a string of robberies, in which the perpetrators claimed to have been commanded by a demon. Investigating these crimes, the Ghost Club discerned that a hypnotist named Enzio Capelli was forcing people to steal for him. Upon confronting him, Enzio hypnotized the would-be do-gooder into robbing three people before surrendering to the police while doing a happy dance.[3] As one of the Frye twins had no recollection of what had happened, Dickens re-hypnotized them to remember, as well as confirm his theory. The Assassins then apprehended Enzio as he was hypnotizing a group of the Templar-affiliated gang Blighters to do his dirty work, and turned him over to the police.[4]

The club then later investigated a reported haunted house in 50 Berkeley Square, which they proved false, for the previous owner and madman James Jasper had been living in a secret bunker and responsible for the scare. The Fryes were forced to eliminate the insane Jasper to protect Dickens and stop the haunting.[5]

This was followed by an incident in the junkyard wherein the Frye twin fell asleep beside a carriage, dreaming of love letters and a woman named Elizabeth. It was most peculiar and the Assassin refused to retell the encounter to Dickens.[6]



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