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Gershon Deloya was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Reconquista.


Gershon Deloya was a Jewish alchemist living in Renaissance Spain. A careful planner fascinated by numbers and calculations, he enjoyed tinkering with creations, but specialized in the mixing of elixirs and tonics, which he sold at his shop. Having built up a comfortable business with regular customers, Gershon then began to experiment after hours with increasingly odd and exotic ingredients for his elixirs, which an exclusive, private clientele began to purchase off the record.[1]

During a wave of targeting Jewish citizens, the Spanish Inquisition confiscated Gershon's business and assets. When his back-room deals came to light, the Inquisition tortured him in an attempt to force him to reveal his business contracts for the exotic ingredients. He was eventually freed when one of his wealthy exclusive patrons paid for his release.[1]

However, the loss of everything he had and his experiences in prison left their mark on his sanity. Broken, he sought revenge on the Inquisition for ruining his life, and decided to join the Assassins. Even though he had no particular talent for fighting or stealth, using his skills in alchemy to help the Brotherhood gave Gershon the chance to strike back in his own way.[1]

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