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Gero Kramer 1942

Gero Kramer

Obergruppenführer Gero Kramer (d. 15 July 1943) was an SS General during World War II and a member of the Templar Order. Secretly, Kramer was also one of the founding members of Abstergo Industries

During World War II, Kramer oversaw the "Uranprojekt", an operation aimed at developing atomic weapons for the Third Reich, which he secretly used as a cover to finance Templar projects, such as the proto-Animus, Die Glocke, or Josef Mengele's research on genetics.


The advent of the Third Reich

"The Templars are behind most of the great conflicts of history, from Alexander the Great to the French Revolution, going through this war."
Boris Pash to Eddie Gorm about the Templars and their involvement in World War II.[src]

In the early 1930s, the Templar Order plotted to hand over Germany to the rising Nazis and subsequently infiltrated its hierarchy. One of their own, the General Kramer was put in charge of the nazi atomic project, the Uranprojekt. During his time at the helm of the project, Kramer foiled numerous attempts to infiltrate the Unranprojekt, killing all the Assassins sent by the Brotherhood.

In 1935, Kramer sent his subordinate, Otto Hammerstein, in London to steal and smuggle advanced technologies from the Allies, officially to help the SS in their race for the atomic weapon.

Recruitment of Gorm

"Do I look like a fool, Mr. Gorm? You are a war hero, a man who would have every reason to pursue us to hell rather than betray his country! Otto perhaps believes in you, but not I. Give me one good reason not to have you shot!"
―Kramer to Eddie Gorm, 1942[src]

In September 1940, Hammerstein, who was undercover as the criminal "Jack Turpin", recruited Eddie Gorm, a former officer of the British Navy and a docker in the East End to steal plans from French scientists exiled in the city. Impressed by Gorm and unaware that he was in fact a double agent sent by Boris Pash, a spy and US colonel, Hammerstein exfiltrated the British to Germany where Gorm incorporated the SS, quickly becoming one of its rising stars.

Two years later, in Berlin, during a sumptuous reception at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Gorm and Hammerstein met Josef Mengele, who shared with the two SS officers his excitement about his research on the superman, which were financed by Kramer. Mengele also informed Gorm that Kramer was there and wanted to meet him in his office.

Upon their first meeting, the SS General accused Gorm of being a spy, stating that despite Hammerstein's praise he couldn't truly believe that a British war hero who lost his family in a German bombardment could defect to the Reich. To convince Kramer, Gorm simply explained that he had always served his country faithfully but that in return he was shuned from the navy, his brother was sent to die in prison and the British governement was so ineffectual that it let his family die. Apparently convinced by Gorm's speech, Kramer appointed him as the new head of security of Werner Heisenberg, the lead scientist of the Uranprojekt.

A few days later, before an audience of Nazi, Kramer made an eloquent speech about the power of the Reich and their scientific progress. Unable to restrain himself after hearing his "friend" gloat about the weapon that will soon allow the Nazi to destroy entire cities, Gorm stabbed Hammerstein. Taking Heisenberg hostage, Gorm then threatened the soldiers to kill the scientist if they did not let them escape. Kramer ordered his men to hold back as he needed them both alive and Gorm was able to isolate himself with his hostage in a laboratory. 

Soon after, rescued by his handler in Berlin, Julia Dusk, the English managed to escape after having extorted valuable information from Heisenberg, who revealed to him that the Uranprojekt was only a decoy. In fact, Kramer used the credits allowed to the project to finance another weapon developped by foreign scientists in Norway, Die Glocke.

Showdown in Norway

"By exploring your past, I will locate dozens of other artifacts that will help the human species transcend!"
―Kramer to Eddie Gorm[src]

In February 1943, as Otto Kramer was in the Vermok hydroelectric plant in Norway, sitting in the chair of the mysterious Die Glocke, he was assaulted by Eddie Gorm. Now a full-fledged Assassin, initiated and trained by Pash, Gorm engaged the combat with Kramer who countered him with his brute force and a machete. While at first Eddie seemed to take the advantage on the Templar by plundging both his Hidden Blade and his knife into Kramer's belly, the tide turned when the Assassin tried to finish off Kramer with his own machete. Kramer blocked the machete with his right forearm, cutting himself to the bone, and seized Gorm by the throat, lifting him from the ground until he lost consciousness.

Before he regained consciousness, Kramer tied the defeated Assassin to the chair of the device designed by Nikola Tesla, who despite the official version, had not died a month earlier in New York. To Gorm, the Templar revealed that Die Glocke was in fact an anti-gravity system capable of generating a wormhole, a window on the past of the individual connected to the device. Thanks to the knowledge contained into an Apple of Eden, Tesla was able to construct the machine by coupling electric coils of his own invention with the heavy water reactor designed by the French scientists whom Gorm helped to abduct in 1940. 

Furthermore, Kramer explained what the Pieces of Eden were to Gorm, and how the Apple had also allowed the Templars to make a breakthrough in genetics, as evidenced by his wounds being already cicatrised. He also revealed that he knew all along who Gorm was and that it was him who schemed three years earlier to have Gorm repered by the Brotherhood, so they would unlock the Englishman's potential as an Assassin. Kramer's purpose was to delve into Gorm's genetic memory, as he was unknowingly the descendant of an important bloodline of Assassins, in order to locate the Pieces with which his ancestors were in contact. As Tesla started the machine, Gorm screamed in pain.



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