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"The smallest doubt can destroy the greatest confidence. And we all have doubts."
―Gergis, c. 422 BCE[src]

Gergis (died c. 422 BCE), also known as the Herald, was a member of the Order of the Ancients, working as the Order of Dominion's scribe in Messenia, Greece during the Peloponnesian War.


Early activities

Gergis was recruited into the Order by Amorges due to his ability of speech, being able to convince people to act against their own interests. Working under him in the Order of Dominion branch, Gergis served as the Order's diplomat and scribe, eventually leading his old team who record the Order's history and activities that throughout their existence. Through this, he became aware of the Order's origin from Egypt and the Order's attempt to dethrone King Artaxerxes I of Persia.[1]

During the Peloponnesian War, Gergis and the branch followed Amorges to Messenia, where they made use of the conflict between Athens' Delian League and Sparta's Peloponnesian War to consolidate their strength. In this capacity, Gergis also recorded the attempts of fellow branches, the Order of Hunters and the Order of the Storm, to eliminate Darius, his son Natakas and the misthios Kassandra.[1] After the branches were destroyed by Kassandra, Amorges made the decision to sent the Order of Dominion to finish the job, razing the village of Dyme Darius and his family were residing in.[2]

While Darius and Kassandra were occupied with fending off the Order's guards and the Immortals, Gergis was sent to locate Natakas and his son Elpidios. Although initially believing them both to have fled, they found Natakas hiding with Elpidios behind a shipwreck by the harbor. Gergis and his guards were forced to kill Natakas who attempted to resist capture.[3] With Elpidios in his hands, Gergis handed over the baby to Amorges, who in turn gave the baby to Darius II to be taken care of.[1]

Meeting Kassandra

ACOD The Last Magi Screenshot 05

Gergis meeting with Kassandra

Despite the Order of Dominion's efforts, Darius and Kassandra survived the attack on the village and traveled to Messenia to eliminate the Order and reclaim Elpidios. As the Order members and operations were slowly eliminated, Gergis took it upon himself to meet Kassandra in person. He had a child hand over a letter to Kassandra, requesting to meet her at the graveyards of Aipeia.[4] Kassandra accepted Gergis' invitation and met him at the graveyards. Introducing himself, Gergis requested Kassandra to follow him as they travelled around Messenia, to which she reluctantly agreed. He also confirmed the Kassandra's suspicions of the Order working with the Cult of Kosmos, an organization which also sought to have Kassandra eliminated.[3]

Eventually reaching the edge of a cliff, Gergis explained to Kassandra the events during the attack on Dyme, including the circumstances surrounding Natakas' death. At the conclusion of their meeting, Gergis asked Kassandra for what she wanted to be remembered, before letting her decide his fate.[3]


  • Gergis is the Greek variation of the name Kheriga or Xeriga, which was also the name of a Lycian king during the Peloponnesian War.
  • If Gergis is killed during his meeting with Kassandra, he will be replaced by an Order Scribe in the memory Smoke and Fury. If Gergis is spared, he will appear in the mines to confront Kassandra instead, before ultimately being killed by her.



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