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Database image of the Gerfaut

The Gerfaut was the personal Man O' War of Chevalier de la Vérendrye during the Seven Years' War.


In 1752, de la Vérendrye, accompanied by fellow Assassins Liam O'Brien and Shay Cormac, arranged to meet with a group of smugglers near Port-Menier. However, while Liam and Shay made their way to the island to gather supplies, the Gerfaut was attacked by Royal Navy vessels. As a result, de la Vérendrye and his men were forced to abandon the ship, while the smugglers were captured.

The Gerfaut was subsequently saved from destruction by Shay, who used his own recently-acquired sloop-of-war, the Morrigan, to fight off several schooners and gunboats. De la Vérendrye ran into trouble again in 1754, managing to sink three enemy ships, but suffering a lot of damage to his own vessel in the process. As such, he had to have it repaired at St. John's while he joined Shay in his pursuit of Templar Samuel Smith.

When Shay later turned his back on the Assassins and attempted to flee the Davenport Homestead with the Voynich manuscript, de la Vérendrye used the Gerfaut's mortars to deter him, to no avail. In 1760, Achilles Davenport tasked de la Vérendrye with creating a diversion in the Arctic Ocean, in the hope of delaying or even preventing Shay from following the Mentor and Liam as they sailed for a nearby Isu Temple. Although the Gerfaut was able to ambush the Morrigan in the middle of a field of icebergs and a fierce blizzard, she ended up losing the fight and was boarded by Shay. After a short skirmish, the Templar killed de la Vérendrye and sunk the Gerfaut before resuming his pursuit of Achilles.


  • Like several other Assassin-allied ships, the Gerfaut's name has an avian connection: the French word translates to "gerfalcon", the largest member of the falcon genus.
  • The Gerfaut's figurehead bore resemblance to the Ezio Auditore figurehead obtained by Edward Kenway during his time in the Caribbean.
  • The Gerfaut was able to hold over 100 cannons with 12 or more being used as chase cannons.
  • The Gerfaut is identical to El Impoluto in terms of appearance, except for coloring.
  • Historically, de La Vérendrye was not known to command a ship called the Gerfaut. The frigate on which he died during his last voyage was named the Auguste.