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Georges Biassou, also known as Jorge Biassou (1741 – 14 July 1801), was a former slave on Saint-Domingue, a member of the Saint-Dominigue Brotherhood of Assassins and a leader of the Haitian Revolution.


Born as a slave on Saint-Domingue, Biassou was recruited into the Assassin Brotherhood by Eseosa around 1776. Alongside his Brothers, Biassou planned a revolution to secure the freedom of all slaves on Saint-Domingue, starting with a vodou ceremony at Bois Caïman, where Dutty Boukman prophesized that Biassou, Jean-François Papillon and Jeannot Bullet would become leaders of the resistance movement.

In August 1791, Biassou was joined by Toussaint Bréda at Grande Rivière, where Biassou appointed him mèdecin-général. In November 1791, Biassou and Papillon captured Bullet for his vicious attacks on innocent whites and blacks, and Eseosa sentenced him to die for breaking the first tenet of their Creed. By 1801, both Biassou and Papillon had lost their faith in the rebellion, and joined the Spanish, cutting their ties with their Brothers in Saint-Domingue. However, once Biassou had managed to win the fight against France on Spain's side, the Spanish goverment decided that Biassou and the group of the former slaves that fought alongside him were too dangerous, so they sent them to hold a fort in Florida, where Biassou died that same year.



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