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George Westhouse (born 1820) was a member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins.


Early life as an Assassin

George grew up working in an old mill by a river in Crawley, which proved strenuous for him. One day, he was attacked by robbers by the riverbank, only to be rescued by the Assassin Ethan Frye. Instilled with a sense of adventure, George left behind his job and joined the Assassin Brotherhood, after which he took part in missions with Ethan and his wife, Cecily, who acted as his superiors and taught him how to fight.[1]

Ethan and George eventually became great friends and the former would occasionally report his activities to the latter. One particular day in 1862, Ethan told George about his assassination of the Templar accomplice Robert Waugh. Seeing that his friend was lying, George warned his mentor of his own carelessness. The two then formulated a plan involving Waugh and The Ghost, whose identity George was not informed yet.[2]

Working with the Frye twins

George eventually began undertaking missions with Ethan and Cecily's twins, Jacob and Evie. By 1868, Cecily and Ethan were deceased, and George was charged with planning the twins' missions, although he considered them both somewhat reckless. He also maintained their father's course on the conflict with the Templars, who had taken firm control of London, believing that the Assassins should wait for a more opportune moment to strike, which itself was a risky move. Henry Green tried to convince him otherwise in a series of letters, warning George that the Templars under Grand Master Crawford Starrick were now expanding their ambitions to the world at large.[3]

In February 1868, he sent Jacob and Evie to kill the Templars Rupert Ferris and David Brewster, respectively, in Croydon. While Ferris kept the London industries in his firm grip, Brewster was experimenting on a Piece of Eden.[3]

On their successful return, the twins argued to George that they would need to strike at the Templars in London, as Assassins' enemies had grown stronger and stronger and had already found another Piece of Eden. George disagreed, claiming that the Templars were too strong to take on so soon, and that without Brewster, they would not be able to use the Piece of Eden. He also believed that the Assassin Council was wiser on the matter, something Ethan would have agreed with. After George left, however, Jacob and Evie decided to defy his orders and take on the Templars in London.[3]


  • George's robes look similar to those worn by the protagonist that featured in leaked screenshots of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, which was still referred to as Assassin's Creed: Victory at the time.